Ask Wendy: Friend Drama

What should you do if your friend keeps texting your boyfriend and going out on dates with your exes? Then, find out Wendy’s advice to a mom who has a 13-yea…

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25 thoughts on “Ask Wendy: Friend Drama

  1. I’ll never understand why some people take the time to write rude things
    about other people online. Like there aren’t more productive and kind
    thoughts to be had….

  2. Wendy’s hair is so Farrah Fawcett cirque 1976′ and that dress is so Diane
    Von Furstenberg cirque 1970’s. Way the go Miss Wendy paying homage to the
    classic 70’s fashion! How you doin’? 

  3. People generally pick their friends based on mutual interests and shared
    beliefs. If this so-called friend is online calling people names, you can
    bet the ugly girl’s sister in cut from the same cloth. Assholes are usually
    friends with other assholes. 

  4. The lady with the ex did not say if they had any children together. If not,
    then there is no reason for him to be calling. Period. A part of her
    probably likes that he wants her back but that makes the whole thing muddy.
    Keep it clean and clear. Don’t call me.

  5. that girl is not your friend if she’s trying to steal your man! wolf in
    sheep’s clothing!

  6. The nerve of the last girl to call someone else ugly!!! Who is she to judge
    and even if she felt that way…how low class of her to actually announce
    it on Facebook!!??

  7. OMG! My Childhood bestfriend also did the same thing to me. When i had a
    boyfriend in my teenage years she was being extra friendly with him and try
    to talk to him and now when i took my husband to her place to visit she was
    flirting with him and try to sit next to him, wearing sexy clothes. I
    couldn’t believe that she didn’t even spare my husband. It broke my heart
    and now i just stay away from her but its sad because after my parents she
    was the #1 person in my life. With Friend like these…. smh 

  8. oh work wendy… you have a gay porn star in your audience… LOL
    Turn honey turn….. LOL 

  9. LOL@ Wendy for the throat clearing advice. “Cause we be up to some thangs.”
    Love you Wendy!!

  10. Lol@the girl still trying to stay friends with a girl hitting on and dating
    all her men.

  11. That first girl crazy I wouldn’t be trying to trust someone that’s being
    sneaky around my Guy!

  12. Wendy should have an “ASK WENDY” spinoff with just questions and her witty
    answers, i could watch that all day!

  13. @ 2:20 In the bachgroung the guy’s facial expressions are hilarious

  14. I would dump both of them even if she stops being friends with her the
    boyfriend is gonna be seeing her still and taking her time to snatch him
    away from her.