Popular Parenting Hacks Reviewed By Kids

Parents of America, these kids have notes for you… Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1g4Ycud Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k Post t…

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25 thoughts on “Popular Parenting Hacks Reviewed By Kids

  1. I want these kids. 🙂
    Though what’s with them hating veggies, I like most of them, and sprinkles
    are tasteless… even then it’s a stupid idea.

  2. Oops. I got my sprinkles mixed up with the glitter.
    Well, the kid’s poop is going to look really festive!

  3. If siblings don’t get along, you separate them. You don’t force them to
    spend more time together because they need a break from each other.. Thats
    what my parents did and my sister and I are like best friends now xD

  4. Children in America have it easy. Do something wrong get a “time out” 

  5. The only one that doesn’t sound like they want to piss off they’re kids
    more is the sprinkles on veggies.

  6. 1:49 I’m 10 years old so I need to say something to parents… DON’T DO ANY
    OF THESE!!! Espisally the veggie one because it will turn into a bad habit.

  7. The sprinkles on veggies wouldn’t work because I know I would just lick the
    sprinkles off

  8. “it’s harder to hide my phone when I’m playing on it”
    … how old is this kid?

  9. Meh, those tips are for parents who don’t know how to parent. I will raise
    my kid with freedom and responsibilities in mind, won’t let them run wild,
    but give them just enough rope to succeed or fail. But be there to catch
    them before they fall.

  10. I’d probably rip the shirt to shreds………cause I hataaate iiit lol

  11. Okay, from my point of view these tips are messed up. All they’ll do is
    separate parents and kids by making the kids think that their parents are
    total nutjobs. I won’t give out my age, but I will say I’m still young
    enough to be under my parents’ legal control. Alright, let me break this

    Take the door off it’s hinges? Talk about privacy invasion! That is not

    Feel-better break? Okay, that might work on a six year old, but above that
    and its just degrading. Everyone knows what it is, just with a patronizing

    A get-along shirt? Now that whole idea’s just kind of weird. Imagine a
    parent going ‘Oh, my kids don’t get along! I guess I’ll stuff them in a
    giant t shirt of squashed miserable torture to smush them into a ball of
    unhappy when they just want to be away from each other! I’m sure they’ll
    love that!’

    Sprinkles on vegetables… Ew. Just, no.

  12. The only one that makes sense is the one about removing the door as it
    makes it harder to be sneaky with things.

  13. All the kids looked adorable. It was hard not to smile watching them. They
    all look like they belong in a kids gap ad.