Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

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25 thoughts on “Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

  1. This is a great advertisment for Contraception.

    Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!

    Don’t get ill, take the pill. 

  2. My little sister is literally always on some piece of technology, watching
    Netflix… kids don’t play anymore, they… sit and watch TV.

    Plus, some of those parents seemed really bad…

  3. I thought I wanted kids once, but glad I never had them. I have too many
    nice things I want to keep. Besides who wants to be a single parent now a

  4. Correction, signs you’re not ready for other peoples’ kids. My kids will be
    better behaved than alot of those.

  5. This is one of those moments that I’m kind of glad that I can’t have

  6. honestly all those things made me laugh. Only thing I worry about is that
    you want to keep them in check at all times in case something really bad
    happeneds but you can’t! Or they turn out to become total brats due to
    situations out of your own control.. on top of that you loose all your
    freedom =/

  7. That swallowing a light part was impressive. Didn’t think it would shine
    through a stomach. Now I’ve seen everything!
    But man, some of the people in the comments section are pathetic. 

  8. Wow…i’m so not ready for kids…..i never wanna be an babysitter….ever

  9. Ok first of all that chainsaw one was fucked up. What if that kid flipped
    out and flew into the accelerating blades instantly splattering and
    mangling his body splashing blood across the father and the daughters faces
    instantly traumatizing her for eternity. With blood staining her face she
    calls upon the powers of a demons and immediately strikes down her father
    who is still clutching the chainsaw dripping with his sons blood.
    See isn’t that fucked up.
    Sorry the horror writer inside me had to be let loose.