My Kid and Me

read about Owen and me in the New York Times article: Wanderlust | Let’s Get Lost —

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25 thoughts on “My Kid and Me

  1. Wow, his kid looks older than 13 years old if it is how old he is. I am 15
    and look like a 12 year old, and he looks 17.

  2. i wish my dad was as awesome as you. owen is damn lucky. the video itself
    is great! keep doing great things!

  3. i would shit myself and rock that thing with the rope on 14:09… never
    would i get on that 

  4. Hi Casey, I’m from Peru and i love ur works. I´m watching your videos since
    few months ago and I surprised with ur visit to Peru. I hope u read this
    post and know that u have a friend here in Peru. A big hug for u and for ur
    kid, I hope see u some day in nyc, I hope soon.

  5. I would rather watch something like this than anything on main stream TV. A
    great video, and a great channel!

  6. Can someone help me to understand the ending? So his greatest experiences
    in life involved his son?