Bill Cosby Complains About the High Cost of College on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

Bill Cosby does a stand-up comedy routine complaining about the high cost of college tuition on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1983. MORE JOHNN…

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25 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Complains About the High Cost of College on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

  1. College tuition is the rapist of america.. People ho go to college are
    being rape, hope these kids parents have money

  2. According to inflation calculations, what cost $13,000 in 1983 would cost
    $28,079 in 2010. So technically he is talking about a school that costs
    almost 30 grand a year. It sounds cheap but our economy wasn’t in the
    shitter back then so it really isn’t.

  3. still cheaper than a lot of schools…and also….can’t believe you googled
    that hahah

  4. u know what? that is sad but you could sent your child there and still stay
    alive, in my country you will earn 10 thousand dollars a year, try to do

  5. maybe, if college were cheaper, we’d have folks who would say: I wish
    college were as cheap ..and never: I wish college was as cheap…. we’d
    have store clerks who know that decimal point 39 cents … is less than
    half a cent

  6. How prophetic this skit was back in ’83…today the cost of college in the
    U.S. is outrageous and the job prospects for grads is dismal…some private
    universities cost well over $100K for 4 years 🙁

  7. If there was universal education the state wouldn’t be able to get people
    to join the army or help make banks rich by forcing students to take out

  8. What admiration you have to have for this guy, and his brilliant, hilarious
    wit. Many thanks for this clip. Many, many thanks to you, Mr. Cosby. You
    are a gift to us all, who have followed you for a lifetime. I hope you can
    read this one day.

  9. The most impressive thing about his comedy for me is the fact that he can
    be hilarious without using any vulgarity or explicit topics….not to say
    that comedians who do are bad, but just to say his ability to do so is

  10. Tuition was expensive then and it’s only gotten worse….We started PIGLT
    [dot] to combat increasing tuition costs and student loan debt. We are a
    crowdfunding platform for higher education costs and student loan debt and
    allow you to fundraise from community and show off your skills/products you
    make in the process.

  11. Just keep in mind though that you probably calculated inflation paced of
    the the Consumer Price Index–college for the past thirty years has been
    increasing at twice the rate of inflation, so it’s easy to see the cost of
    the college being $60,000. Which in part makes this so hilariously
    funny–how dead on and smart he is about paying for college.

  12. And the education you get at most universities these days is every bit as
    dismal as the job prospects after graduating. Getting a degree today really
    and truly is just getting a $100K piece of paper.