25 thoughts on “George Lopez on Kids Today


  2. Two best people to have at the same time!
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  3. Well maybe loosing sight from staring into the sun isn’t better but I do
    agree. Now to use MORE INTERNET!!! :D

  4. I had the same sort of childhood as George. I’m only 20. To think how big a
    difference there is between my generation and the next is strange.

  5. I’m 19 and when I was a kid, it was all about Lemonade, Slide, and the Mail
    Man Mail Man game. Those games kept me entertained when we would be on the
    bus going to field trips or during lunch. Today’s kids don’t know anything
    about that. Sad

  6. This annoys me. So much. Saying that “kids nowadays are too focused on
    technology”. Have you seen how many children are actually taking a stand in
    the world? Even through technology? There are so many organizations that
    have been made by kids. We might not have been doing the things that people
    did in the 90s but we are aware of so much more. Even if we are using
    iPads, iPhones, etc. This change in generations is going to happen someday
    and it’s a good thing. Technology isn’t all bad and one day the earth is
    going to be improved by technology. What I’m saying is that not all kids
    are bad just because they have an iPad and use it. And to be honest adults
    nowadays aren’t better than kids. Kids today are more aware of other things
    that kids in the 90s weren’t. For example, now kids know more about same
    sex marriage and I think that’s good. Kids today are making a difference in
    the world and we need to embrace that rather than pointing out the bad.
    What good are you going to get when you live in the past? By the way, I am
    a 14 year old that is tired of this banter on us kids. 

  7. George stole the show oh man that guy is always killen it! he’s funny as

  8. El Tio George 🙂 he is hilarious and speaks just the truth, I hate to see
    my niece growing up and missing on the simple lifestyle she gets moody if
    she dont have any of her technology things around and she is only 9 SMH

  9. Everything he said is so true! I’m only 20 years old and you can see a
    CLEAR difference between out generation and the next one growing up.
    Technology has just ruined them. It’s crazy how I didn’t get my phone until
    I was 18 years old. Now you have 6-8 year olds with nice phones. Everything
    is so different now than back then.