DON’T read the comments until after watching the video, unless you want the surprise to be spoiled 😉 Also I was super bummed that I couldn’t go with my orig…

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25 thoughts on “WE’RE HAVING A… | GENDER REVEAL!

  1. omg im so so so excited finally exciting boy thing’s and boy idea’s i love
    your videos so much and im coming too south carolina i’d love too have a
    mommy meet up

  2. I’ve been so excited that you were finding out what you were having and I
    was telling everyone that Britney has her ultrasound to find out what’s
    he’s having and they are just like “who?” I feel so close to you guys!! 

  3. CONGRATS so happy for you guys ! i totally had a feeling it was gonna be a
    boy because the way your belly was shaped lol. 

  4. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Being a mother to a boy is definetly an amazing
    experience. Having a son is wonderful. Now you got your little pair!

  5. I knew it was a boy. I watch the party before this and someone gave you a
    little boys outfit.