25 thoughts on “How to Help a Child with Autism

  1. @dogshaveteeth People shouldn’t be afraid. If people said I was autistic, I
    wouldn’t be insulted because it’s a fact. Honestly, if I had the choice to
    keep it or get rid of it, I’d keep it because it’s part of who I am.

  2. I have A.D.H.D why am i watching this? Oooh squirel! Be my frien you little
    freak of nature! Aw he went up the tree. Hey squirel! FUCK YOU!

  3. @bltsdsubbie thx i hav autism and from what i hear they say it’s a bad thing

  4. @bltsdsubbie well that seems normal to me, i know people who do that kind
    of stuff just for the heck of it

  5. Floortime is the best…. i am speechtherapist in Greece and i work with

  6. I have Autisum I had to get therepy when I was little but I’m glad because
    it really helped me become more socail and it helped me learned everyday
    life skills such as stuff as like using the phone, eating with a fork and
    knife and stuff like that<3

  7. I have Autsim I just like the way I am and the 19 people are so fucking

  8. I agree, it makes them stand out even more by restricting their diets! If
    you are already eating only one or two types of food it doesnt help to
    further limit them. Unless the child with autism is also a celiac and has
    been tested for this!!!

  9. Actually… it depends on the autism you have. If you were born with a
    major form, then I have a feeling there are VERY low chances of you
    learning to act like a regular human being. Although, if you have a more
    mild form of autism (Like myself), it IS possible. I don’t know about that
    diet thing…. because I don’t think my parents tried that with me, but I
    do know they enrolled me in pre-school when I was 2-3 years old.

  10. For a best web site on autism- causes & cures: fourteenstudies.
    org/index.html Site reviews studies that contend vax do not cause autism.
    Those studies R ALL rife with conflicts of interest- authors with chutzpah
    to be on Big Pharmakeia’s payroll while pretending to be watch dog
    protecting people’s interests! Also studies that support that vax do cause
    autism & other disorders. In searching 4 truth in conspiracies- follow the
    $- ask who profits? Bottom line- NO vax EVER safe or effective!

  11. +JohnnytheAwesomeGuy you cruel heartless bastard! Punching kids because
    they have autism?

  12. I have autism. Even knowing that I have it, lived most of my time with many
    others who have it and got a lot of information about it, I still do not
    really know what autism actually is. What I do know is mostly discovered by
    myself and what I have kept from those who have learned me about it.

    I can tell that most of this video does not suit on “your autistic child”.
    This video will only increase the typical “autism child” view. I, together
    with many others, do not need any of that. What I do commander every parent
    of a child with autism is to go to a school as in the video. Not for there
    special care, although that it is a nice extra, but more meant to learn to
    get to know about there autism, and most important about there self, about
    the autism inside there self.

    I am a young adult autistic with a background made because of my autism. I
    guess I can insure you that I know what I am talking about.

  13. Some teachers think they own thier students but not learning them bow to
    survive causing me to be in homeschool