Jena Pincott: Fetal Cells Gone Wild Thorough description found here: Jena Pincott describes cutting edge researc…

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25 thoughts on “Jena Pincott: Fetal Cells Gone Wild

  1. I just hope this doesn’t turn into another political/religious issue about
    stem cell research.

  2. I saw something really similar to this on Stephen Hawkings Brave New World
    last night on the science channel. I feel really bad about the things they
    do to mice though…They cut the right ventrical out of a baby mouse to
    demonstrate how it would regenerate… They said it would take 3 weeks to
    fully recover, but I was confused as to how the mouse survived long enough
    with that much of its heart missing to regenerate.

  3. I am confused… Fetal cells (parts of the fetus) travel in the body of the

  4. It’ll have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about who you
    are, especially if you have older siblings.

  5. If by “hot” you mean “much smarter than me”, I wholeheartedly agree.

  6. Only if you’re an atheist. When anyone else eats a baby, it’s a death

  7. Well, I would not call any heart attack “good” but it seems that it is
    better to have one, with these fetal cells, that when you are not pregnant.

  8. fetal cells have the capacity to becoming any existing cell in the body
    once instructions have been sent to their nucleus. That is how many complex
    cells and organs can be formed from an embryo. Have you never heard of stem
    cells before???? They can “fix stuff” because they can be any “kind of
    stuff” they want to be. Yes they do also, just “grow into a baby”…
    another hugely complex biological structure, so to grow into a few other
    cells here and there is no big deal.

  9. I just listened to a Raidolab episode (podcast I subscribe to) talking
    about this very topic. The crazy thing is it was a rebroadcast of an
    episode from like two years ago. They also pointed out that there seems to
    be some negative effects of fetal cells in mothers as well but I’m not sure
    how much the research has changed since they originally recorded that
    episode. The way that they explained it was that the baby cells acted like
    stem cells and became whatever cell was needed.

  10. She can do the science and I will hit pregnant mice with the science
    hammer. All for science of course.

  11. Maybe this could explain some miscarriage cases. The mother has something
    go wrong in her body and doesn’t even realize it because her fetal cells
    attack it and repair the problem and then there aren’t enough left to fully
    develop what the baby needs. This is a remarkable discovery of the bond
    between mother and child!

  12. Some people have disabilities that affect how they spell. However, this
    pale in comparison when you cock black science. I think is much more

  13. People with their random beliefs and assumptions… sigh. I don’t mind the
    jokers, but these topics always seem to attract the zealots.