Spoiling Your Kids: Mom Minute with Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles

Hey everyone! As a parent, I wish that I could give my children the world! And because I love them so much, it can be really difficult to say no. On this epi…

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25 thoughts on “Spoiling Your Kids: Mom Minute with Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles

  1. Really, it does come down to “needs” versus “wants”. It is always easier to
    justify the needs, because they are necessary, but the part that can really
    spoil our children is satisfying all their wants. 

  2. I would have preferred love over objects, as long as my mom thought I was
    clothed, fed and had a few toys, she thought I was fine. I don’t remember
    how many times I was simply just told “Go play” when I was looking for
    affection. Now I’m an adult I spoil myself everyday.

  3. Personally, I would define a spoiled child as a child who refuses to wait
    for the gratification of getting what they want: throwing a temper tantrum
    to embarrass their parent into giving in, etc. Just because a child has a
    lot of things doesn’t make them spoiled. I think every child is different;
    for example, what Mindy described as working for her children would never
    work for my four-year-old nephew. 

  4. That’s great! For example, as a kid, I wanted my own laptop, my parents
    were not going to bye me one, so I started saving all of the allowance I
    got, which was $20.00 per month on average, and I started babysitting.
    Every time I got any type of money, I put it in a jar with a label of how
    much money I had got, and how much I needed to get. That taught me the
    value of money, and it made me appreciate the laptop a lot more.

  5. That’s very smart. When I was little I thought that my parents could get
    any money they wanted from an ATM, the bank, or just write a check. Silly

  6. Pretty good info I agree with you I could tell you and your husband know
    how to rise a child without spoiling them when I watched the video of your
    twins for x-mas,congratulations you are doing a awesome job. =>

  7. Last summer i bought myself a mac book pro, and i worked hard to earn all
    the money, so when i got it i was so happy, well people started calling me
    spoiled and then a girl i know, for her birthday she got a macbook pro,
    then 2 other girls got mac book pros for christmas and other stuff too, so
    i still don’t understand why i’m the spoiled one, yeah i have nice things,
    but i buy a lot of it myself. Every month i pay for my phone bill and then
    there’s these kids that have iphone 5s and at least 60$ phone bills that
    their parents pay for and they still aren’t satisfied. REALIT CHECK the
    whole world doesn’t revolve around you.

  8. My mum does this to us, for example currently I would like a ukelele so I
    have to work to buy it myself instead of her running out and getting it for

  9. Mindy, I’m really not trying to sound rude, but your kids do seem to have a
    lot of material possessions.. They’re still the sweetest things though

  10. Just because a child has lots of toys or possessions doesn’t mean they’re
    spoiled brats. It might mean that, like Mindy’s kids, they’ve worked for a
    lot of the things they have. 

  11. I love how u run ur house… Bope someday i could do those things as

  12. Thank you so much for making and sharing this video! I really feel bad for
    ‘spoiling’ my 9 yr old son now. You made me realize how much I was
    destroying his future outlook on life, by buying him what he always wants.
    Do you think it’s too late now to switch things up on him? How do I
    transition him into this way of life without him thinking I’m crazy? 

  13. Great tips, Mindy! I agree with your philosophy on this. I hope parents
    listen to you! Another way for young kids (maybe ages 4-9) to earn money is
    if you agree to pet-sit for a neighbor, have the kid come too and help out
    and then give them some money for that (if the neighbor is paying a small
    fee or even if you are doing it for free as a favor, you could offer a
    dollar or something).

  14. I WANT TO BE on The Mom’s View!!!
    C’mon! Give a New YouTuber a chance!!
    I don’t disappoint, Check Me Out!

  15. Mindy, I am technically still considered a “kid” ( profile picture is me a
    long time ago) but I love watching your mom minute videos. Sometimes I even
    go up to my mom and talk to her about this stuff and that really helps me.
    Your family just seems so perfect though, and I would like to know how to
    deal with anger towards a parent. What do your kids do that could help me
    when I’m feeling like a have to scream?

  16. My mom has never instilled that in me and I am 17! Any advice on what to

  17. You are a great mom. You can tell by the way your kids act while you’re
    filming. My kids are much older, but it’s good advice for any age kids
    that are still living under your roof.