Do Smaller Balls Make Better Dads?

A new study suggests there’s a link between a man’s testicle size and his fatherhood skills. But is this really a case of cause & effect? Laci takes a critic…

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25 thoughts on “Do Smaller Balls Make Better Dads?

  1. Now everyone who watched this video is like what does this tell me about my
    dad’s ball size and that’s a bad image

  2. So yeah smaller balls results in being more a female and having to think a
    cradle you baby like your a female and inturn your kids wont understand the
    big bad world where theres some things you just have to deal with and get
    over …. Yes im in the clear here guys no lies each one of my balls is the
    size of a golf ball or a tad bigger so i clam to the average or bigger
    ballz size thats not creepy or disgusting to look at but just the right
    size to be masculine and attractive 

  3. Small balls = Pussy Dad, Slave
    Big Balls = Great Athlete, Wealthy
    Brass Balls = Enduring Man, who makes women their slaves and concubines.
    eg. King Tut, Genghis Kaan, Bill Clinton etc.

  4. They need to do a follow-up study to find out if the wives agree with the
    husband’s self-assessments of their parenting skills. There are a lot of
    deluded men out there. Also, they need to measure testosterone output.
    Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to productivity. Lastly,
    they need to control for racial differences and body size. What is
    considered big on a 5.5 foot white guy may be only average or even below
    average on a 6.5 foot black guy.

  5. Biggest mistake in American history was women has been
    downhill since

  6. makes sense… men are getting pumped full of steroids in foods, making
    them produce less testosterone, and leaning towards being more
    “womanly.” Obviously a trend that is brand new, or no moreso than the
    early 60’s… ironically when things started going bad.

  7. What about five balls? Not big, well not abnormally big. There are just
    five of them.

  8. Can I make a joke about Laci testing my balls to see if im gonna be a good
    dad….or has someone beat me to it?

  9. On 70 participants!!!! Geez!! That doesn”t prove shit. All they did was
    waste our government grant money, fucking psychologists

  10. small balls take care of their kids more because the big ballers are busy
    banging their wives

  11. waste of money yes. I know for a fact that hormone levels of dads even
    expected dads is altered. Estrogen is more concentrated in men with
    children, from a biological stand point, that a testosterone-built animal
    needs some cushioning when it comes to handle a small offspring. So this
    study, unlike that one, actually did account for social factors that might
    influence hormone levels, and in the end estrogen levels are higher in men.
    a viable evolutionary response that cushions parenting. 

  12. Hey, let’s gather the results of inconsequential studies that make for good
    click-bait, and package it as science so we can sell Coke! Don’t you feel
    smart, viewer? You’re watching science!

  13. i wouldn’t take this too seriously.. the study would have to be done on a
    much larger scale i think to hold any ground..