25 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld Analyzes Modern-Day Parenting

  1. From La Jolla, Ca please ditch the buildings they may be art pieces but
    they do not look well on TV and are to distracting

  2. +Jimmy Fallon is already killing it with The Tonight Show. Jerry Seinfeld
    is really good here too. Love it.

  3. “How are the kids doing”? Shut up… Fake bs… And it was really nice to get
    the good ol’ polish by Seinfeld. This all seems wrong… giving this kid the
    Tonight Show… Give it back to either Conan, give it to Craig F, or just
    some other talented, quick on their feet comedian that is also really good
    with people. 

  4. Jerry really brought some positive vibes and encouragement for this show
    host experiment to work out. He’s a good guy, he’s not on the show to sell
    anything, no movies coming out, just a few jokes and genuine well wishes of
    Jimmy’s success.

  5. What’s wrong with Jerry’s hair? Is he loosing is hair?
    He is beginning to look like Matt Lauer when he started to loos his hair.