TEDxVancouver – Victor Lucas – The 3D Rules

In this remarkably touching talk Victor Lucas gives us some rules about 3D, and they’re not quite what you might think. Creator, executive producer and co-ho…

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25 thoughts on “TEDxVancouver – Victor Lucas – The 3D Rules

  1. +Victor Lucas is an amazing person who I admire and at Fan expo he was the
    one person I wanted to meet among all the stars, and I didn’t have to wait
    in line or pay for his autograph.

  2. Your fans in Ontario are so proud of you. You’ll be a terrific dad. The
    baby will have super parents. Congrats!

  3. 1982 so yes. but to meet a Man like him, it feeds my weak faith to find
    Great People in the world Thank youu VIC ……

  4. Loved +Victor Lucas ‘s TED talk, inspired by +Wil Wheaton (…and it wasn’t
    about gaming, or the kind of “3D” you’re thinking either!)

  5. @Kussinator You’re not supposed to be able to see the audience. It helps
    keep you calm.

  6. @detBits I guess that makes sense. I’ve been on stages before (playing
    music and stuff), and I’ve always thought seeing the audience helped my
    performance. I guess this is a different case.

  7. @xOmniCloudx yeah more respect for him. thanks for this inspirational video.

  8. I miss judgment day :((( on a positive note, look at his hair! isnt it cool?

  9. Judgement Day, I mean Reviews on the Run, nostalgia all around here. Victor
    Lucas always seemed incredibly cool on the show, glad to see he’s
    incredibly cool here. 

  10. From one vancouverite to another, I can say that Victor has inspired me
    with this speech

  11. Never have I heard the word “dick” used so many times in a non-sexual

  12. This man gave me a chance to work for him almost 4.5 years ago now, and it
    is truly an honour that I can call him my friend (and boss for that

    Looking forward to my fifth year kicking ass for Vic (as in making kick ass
    television that is).

    You rock, brother. :)