Father Beats Daughter’s for Posting Twerking Video on Facebook Reaction

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25 thoughts on “Father Beats Daughter’s for Posting Twerking Video on Facebook Reaction

  1. lol i made a video to the topic 880,000 views and they just love it , funny
    how this is my top video now , 

  2. i remember i got my ass whooped as a little kid when i did something wrong
    and you bet your ass i never did it again lol. 

  3. Children these days grow up to soft.When I grew up there was tons of ass

  4. I admit it may have been excessive, but I won’t condemn a father for
    punishing his kids for being sexually explicit. Cause the same ppl
    condemning him now would also condemn him later in life if his girls grew
    up to be prostitutes, had he NOT punished them. Only time will tell & only
    this father will truly care.

  5. Bet they don’t do it again ! The beating was not that bad and i’m sure the
    man got his point across. if more fathers handled shit like this kids
    wouldnt be the way they are

  6. Every kids different my parents hitting me didnt do anything but make me
    scared to get caught which is why I am not so sneaky its unsafe I learned
    right from wrong from their talks not the hitting

  7. Spare the rod, spoil the child. What I don’t understand is why the whooping
    was posted.

  8. Hey children needs a beating once in a while. As long as you are not
    fucking abusing your kid, a child should deserve a spanking or a whipping
    every once in a while if they do something wrong!! 

  9. Nothing wrong with spanking a child. There’s a line between spanking and
    beating though. 


  11. If you listen to the beating without watching it, it sounds like that
    episode from South Park where Kyle watches The Passion. Now I don’t know
    why he was in prison for this, he did something right in my opinion, he
    disciplined his children. The Legal system is messed up, you can’t even
    discipline your child anymore. When I was a kid, I would get the beatings
    of a life time and I appreciate all of those beatings now, because it kept
    me out of trouble.

  12. i got some pretty bad asswhoopins from my parent’s i hated my mom for
    years, there has to be a line where enough is enough, never use a weapon
    just a hand, i don’t really condone physical punishment

  13. My mom beat the shit out of me as a child and I have never felt such hatred
    as right after the beatings, but I’m so glad that she did it. 

  14. I don’t care what CPS does to me I would have beat the shit out those girls
    without posting the video online. They wouldn’t’ve ever found out,