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25 thoughts on “NEW! Try, “NOT HAVING KIDS”

  1. You would have to be insane to bring a child into this world
    …..personally I’d charge you with gross child abuse if not MURDER IN THE
    1ST DEGREE (depending on my mood at the time.) 🙂 Seriously NOT a good
    idea ….dog’s are MUCH BETTER!

  2. If you do choose to “opt out,” just please also opt out of putting on the
    kids-are-icky face every time you see a child. Seeing an ostensibly decent
    adult shun an entire sector of society like that makes him or her look like
    an insufferable cunt.

  3. 1:48 The white couples without kids live in Harlem. That is impossible! The
    only reason white people move to Harlem is because they DO have kids, and
    they can’t afford the Upper West Side!

  4. Generation Y doesn’t need kids when they have their all consuming phones to
    coddle and caress all day.

  5. When become old will ask my kids to take care of them and clean their
    dippers ? No way. have your dog help you. That is perversion. Selfish
    crooked mind 

  6. I found this to be hilarious. I loved it. I have kids though and wouldn’t
    trade them for the world, but I still got a good laugh out of it. I think
    everyone just needs to calm down and let people make their own decisions.
    If you don’t like or want kids then more power to ya. It would be super
    shitty to find out it’s not your thing AFTER having kids. 

  7. i have an idea, lets not have kids in 100 years… and we are going to be
    the last gen in humanity :D…

  8. The tagline is the funniest part.
    Not Having Kids – A new alternative to having kids! wtf.. XD

  9. Comments to two groups of people not seeing the humor in this…lol

    1. Not having kids is not the same as killing the ones you already have.

    2. For the cost of having kids and putting them through college, you can
    hire a staff of nurses to take care of your every needs when you get old.
    They will even be honest about doing it for the money… :p

  10. There you have it. If you don’t want kids, don’t have them. If you do, then
    have them. *Children are a personal preference, not a cause.* I don’t
    understand why everyone has to make a big deal out of someone else’s life

    Having kids doesn’t validate your existence as a human being or contribute
    to society, it just shows at one point you had sex, good job. Not having
    kids isn’t doing the planet a favor, our population will be declining
    shortly due to old people dying and low birth rates to replace them.

    Both sides are going to be jealous of the other at some point. The grass
    always looks greener on the other side.