25 thoughts on “Years After Donating Sperm, Man Ordered To Pay Child Support

  1. 3 Words: Legal, Paternal, Surrender.

    We gotta make it happen.

    Consent to sex does not equal consent to parenthood.

    Women have numerous ways to avoid the responsibility of parenthood; both in
    contraceptive methods, as well as the rights to abandon their kids. Men
    have none of these. (Correction: Men have one thing, condoms.)

    It’s such unbelievable bullshit that a woman can just foist 18 years of
    parental obligation on a guy, no matter what he wants.

    If women can opt out of parenthood, men should be able to as well. If you
    actually want “Equality” there’s a goal to keep in mind. Unless there’s
    some magical doublethink rationalization for imposing a double standard.

  2. Just watch. Kansas cannot prevent the lesbian couple from giving the money
    back, BUT they can give warrant for audit to the IRS and make sure that the
    gift tax is enforced (40%)

  3. What I’m wondering is how they did the artificial insemination without a
    doctor… not sure I want to know.

  4. I think it’s because they didn’t pay thousands to a doctor; state didn’t
    get tax money off this. It’s just to punish them, and warn others not to go
    the free route. 

  5. So the judge on this was a woman? Does not suprise me at all.

    Also, 2:51, Cenk is chocked by the fact that sperm without the doctor got
    the woman pregnant. Isin’t that the case in like, 98% of the pregnancies

  6. So this basically means that in Kansas, the legal papers signed at the time
    of the donation and the testimony that there was no romantic relationship
    are worth nothing in a court of law…if there’s a lesbian involved?

    Well done America, you fucked it up again.

  7. Goddamn that child support is a nightmare for everyone. The courts tyranny
    never ends. Even sperm donors aren’t safe. When will this madness end?

  8. Im all for taking care of your own but another example of how child support
    laws are a joke. The fix? Ban gay couples from having children until child
    support laws have been seriously reviewed and altered. Bet it gets fixed

  9. Wow Cenk, having Sex with a Condom, and being screwed by someone into
    fatherhood are two different things.

  10. I feel bad for him.. I think I have heard something similar to this
    happening before to a guy who donated.. I thought if you signed over your
    parental rights that you would have no obligation to the child what so ever
    because the child is then not considered legally yours.. O.o.. 

  11. This is the thanks a generous man gets when he caters to a woman’s
    overpowering motherhood instinct. This is also why a man should flush his
    used condoms down the toilet in stead of putting them in the garbage after
    having sex with a woman he doesn’t want to get pregnant.

    Turns out you can’t contract your way out of the law. He should have done
    some research before unwittingly making an 18-year financial commitment to
    someone he isn’t involved with.

  12. I like how they twisted it to were its the conservative line of thinking
    thats at fault not feminists and their man hating.