Channing Tatum on His Daughter

From her sleeping habits to her taste in music, new dad Channing Tatum told Ellen about his daughter and parenthood!

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25 thoughts on “Channing Tatum on His Daughter

  1. he is not fat omfg, but what if he is? What I don’t understand about people
    nowadays is so what if they are famous and fat does that even fucking
    matter? This is why a lot of teenagers can’t even accept how they look
    like… saddens me. 

  2. 0:17 actually listen to the conversation an see how good Tatum changes the
    subject. fuck I’m a genius 

  3. imagine how lucky the daughter will be when grows up and realises that her
    dad is channing Tatum…like omg

  4. She should’ve gotten Jamie from Jamie’s World on here for Channing…
    Whoops I meant get Channing on for Jamie… Or did I?

  5. LOL like how his daughter falls asleep to prince, when I was a baby I
    couldn’t sleep without hearing either Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath. My
    grandma was terrified, but my mother was that kid in HighSchool who wore
    too much eyeliner and listened to heavy metal so she thought it was awesome
    haha. Even today, and I’m twelve, listening to Ozzy makes me yawn and get