The Little Couple Are Officially Parents! | The Little Couple

Bill and Jen are anxious to start their family and are continuing down the road of adoption! A child has just become available from China, but will he be a p…

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25 thoughts on “The Little Couple Are Officially Parents! | The Little Couple

  1. Oh so they’re adopting? 😮 That’s exciting. I’m happy for them.

  2. Have you seen the other TLC show called “Little People, Big World”? Matt
    and Amy Roloff are two little people who have 3 typical sized kids and one
    little person like them. Amy gave birth to them all. They seem to manage
    their own kids and farm quite well actually. Like Amy says, “We may get
    things done, just not like everyone else.” The size of their stature does
    not make it impossible for them to be good parents.

  3. lol uhhh….little people do have normal size children look at the roloffs
    and it’s not like the baby isgoing to be 4 feet when they’re born…they’re
    like a foot long which is a quarter of the dads size lol by the time the
    kid is bigger then the parent they’ll be 8-10 years old and no child that
    old wants to be cuddled like a teddy bear and besides their adopting a
    child with the same disability as them so lol that won’t be a problem

  4. Congratulations to the couple ,and a specail congratulations to this little
    boy …you are loved x

  5. Unfortunately North America has made the baby adoption into a money making
    monopoly. It is so hard to adopt here many people wait on the list for I
    think I remember one person saying they were on it for 9 years trying to
    adopt in the states. Many places you have to foster first before even given
    a chance and the idea of getting a child in America who is under 1 is rare
    and hardly heard of unless it is a private adoption which means the price
    goes up a huge amount.

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  7. bonjour a tous le monde jespere que bill et Jennifer et leur fils va avoir
    leur petite fille de tous mon cœur je les aimes c est deux la xxx