Outnumbered | Karen’s Injection | S3 Ep6

Always complain to the most senior official. Especially if an injection hurts more than you were told. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/hattricksub Outnumbe…

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25 thoughts on “Outnumbered | Karen’s Injection | S3 Ep6

  1. @brightlights456X lol not really im working class…ok you obviously like
    her…she is really cute, but i like the shows when she was younger more! 😀

  2. “The man on Watchdogs says always complain to the senior official and keep
    a written log of your conversation!” Love Karen <3

  3. @xxalmostgoldenxx I didnt say anything about her being young, if you read
    my comment you’d know that

  4. @nothuman100 Your name is right for you not human who the hell tells a
    fourteen year old to do that you must be a sad lonely person who had no
    life and they was right nobody i know says gosh anymore

  5. no they’re making a fifth series and there is going to be an american
    version of outnumbered also.

  6. This is one of the best bits!! That little girl is obsessed with Albanians
    lol…(and polar bears).