Neil Patrick Harris on His Twins… and Margaritas

The handsome star told guest host Ellie Kemper about a margarita run he recently went on that played out on Instagram, and gave an update on his adorable chi…

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25 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris on His Twins… and Margaritas

  1. They should let Neil Patrick Harris host if Ellen’s still sick. He’s like
    one of the best hosts out there.

  2. How did Neil have twins? No really, I want to know. I’m not trying to be
    rude or anything no way, shape or form.

  3. I’m inlove with him he is so AWESOME!!! If there was one actor and one
    actress I could meet it’ll be him and Jennifer Aniston!! Man… I’m gonna
    miss HIMYM….

  4. Actors from my 2 favorite tv shows ever in the same video. I miss u eren
    hannon. I miss the office

  5. The twins are half siblings as they share the same surrogate mother but
    have different fathers. 

  6. oh this is legen>> wait for it << wait more<<< hold your breath for 3
    seconds<< and 3 <<2<<1 dary.. this is legendary.. 

  7. I love how he turned his admonishments into an a capella score. Neil can
    make anything musical

  8. I’m curious – Which kid is Neil’s and which is David’s (geneticly) ??