Dad Secretly Records Disabled Son’s Teacher; Verbal Abuse Caught on Tape

Father sends son to school wearing recording device. For more, click here:…

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25 thoughts on “Dad Secretly Records Disabled Son’s Teacher; Verbal Abuse Caught on Tape

  1. In the 6th grade i got in trouble for the stupidest things but this is way
    worse. Fell bad for them.

  2. Who cares if one’s “having a bad day”? We’re told to toss our feelings
    aside when it comes to being a profession or any type of job so this is no
    different. You don’t go doing things that you don’t want your own kid
    having to endure from an adult/so called authority that let alone someone
    who can’t speak for themselves can’t do much in defense. This makes me boil
    a bit because these people think they can do it ONLY BECAUSE THEY FUCKING
    CAN! Who gives a shit if you have a bad day, do your job!

  3. yes everyone has bad days, but that doesn’t give you a right to degrade
    anyone no matter their mental or physical abilities. I was going to school
    to be a special education teacher, and I currently work in a facility for
    Intellectually disabled adults…yes I have bad days, but I don’t go around
    calling anyone names or belittling them in front of others…That just
    shows those teachers have no ethical bone or conscience in their bodies!
    For every bad teacher there are quite a few good ones too!

  4. omg o.o ofc they had all the right to record it.. a bad day?! those
    teachers calling that kid a bastard and the dad said he was being unhappy
    at the school more then that one day for him to think to record them.. -.-
    stupid people

  5. all class rooms should have video cams in them. and when the children act
    up they can show the parents what the problem is.

  6. When I was in school teachers never once talked shit to me. They knew what
    I was capable of. Not all teachers are scumbags but these kids and a lot of
    shy kids won’t talk back to teachers and allow them to harass them. I am
    all for the recording of teachers to prove harassment, but you can’t take
    every little thing they say and turn it against them. Some of my best
    teachers talked and acted outside the box and the “norms” of how teachers
    are expected to act.

  7. There’s a difference between being caught on a bad day, and verbally
    abusing a child. On a bad day, you apologize. On a bad day, you don’t hide
    it, you own up and you make that child understand it’s NOT their fault that
    your temper snapped. Honestly, I think that HELL yes teachers should be
    recorded. Then maybe the bitchy ones that enjoy tormenting their students
    will take a minute to think and shut their fucking pie hole.

  8. This is why I hate teachers. They don’t give a shit about the students
    they teach. They see them as nothing more than paychecks.

  9. The kid was probably a bad kid. The teacher did nothing wrong…until the
    said bastard. I bet she just had enough though n couldn’t help herself.

  10. Why the fuc1 does american media like to call every Tom, Dick, Harry, Lisa,
    Jil and Mary as heroes.
    It is fuc1ing annoying.

  11. I think it should be a requirement for all teachers (special ed or not)
    that they be able to understand and be sensitive to students with
    disabilities! And disability training should be tougher, even if a
    teaching candidate only plans to teach mainstream students, because
    nowadays you can see special needs students in mainstream classrooms
    (although they might have a one to one aide with them in the classroom). I
    have Asperger Syndrome, and when I was younger, I used to get in trouble
    for my behavior even though it was just a part of my disability. I
    remember one time, in (I think it was) 6th grade, my aide had to bend the
    rules, because of the situation. She had to do something even though I had
    already told her I didn’t like it. Well, I just remembered my parents and
    my teachers from earlier years telling me that when somebody tells you not
    to do something that means don’t do it, without going into detail about
    situations where you might have to do something regardless of whether or
    not the other person likes it. I thought my aide was breaking that rule,
    and I was REALLY mean to her after that! Well, she didn’t understand, and
    she would talk to me about my behavior (sometimes, she would even let my
    parents know, and they would talk to me). 

  12. hey abc news why the teachers and students and principals fight most of
    time or attack them

  13. I don’t think the father or the mother as it was in the second case did it
    willy nilly so I can’t see the problem with this happening! I also don’t
    thinking tapping will become a norm as a result of this too. Good on them
    for doing it I say when they couldn’t get the answers they wanted from the
    school through normal means! 

  14. Well they should know it come with the job suck it up teachers by god any
    of you teacher ever treat my kid or anyone of my family member kids that
    way it will be the last kid you treat with disrespect because I’ll kill you
    with a smile on my face then pay to fine your family and get them toooo ha
    ha ha ha ha

  15. “Bad days?” Are you serious? She was abusing a poor child with autism!
    That’s not a bad day! That’s just being a bitch. Period. 

  16. Maybe if we all have it in are minds that we might be being recorded we
    will at better as people. There needs to be some resonabilaty taken at some
    point. You cant have “bad” days and verbally abused children

  17. “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats
    his inferiors, not his equals.”

    -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire