Autism – How My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong: Chris Varney at TEDxMelbourne

Chris Varney is an advocate for children’s rights. His advocacy began as a 16-year-old Youth Ambassador for World Vision during which he became active in ant…

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25 thoughts on “Autism – How My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong: Chris Varney at TEDxMelbourne

  1. Well you most likely are not. There are some great teachers out there, but
    like humanity most of them are ignorant creeps. School will be a dot in
    your past one day, look ahead of you and focus on your good traits.

  2. Absolutely inspirational speaker and inspirational mum. Us parent’s of
    children on the spectrum are always reevaluating goal posts for everything
    we hope our children can achieve because times are full of highs and lows
    and so important not to get stuck in the lows. This is a fantastic reminder
    to enthusiastically believe “they can!” and WOW – Chris is a shining
    example 🙂

  3. Fabulous video, I will blog it on. This is so in line with the message I
    keep putting out about Learning Difficulties and in particular aspergers

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Luis. There’s a lot of ‘reframing’ we need to do in
    schools. You can subscribe to my Twitter @chrisrvarney where I can update
    you on initiatives we create as part of the I Can Network. There are also
    plenty of school initiatives that exist via a simple google search. For
    instance, there’s PLIESE

  5. Yes Karina, I am hearing the stories you speak of in the follow up that has
    occurred after this talk. It’s very disappointing. What is inspiring is
    people like yourself who take a strengths-based approach to the spectrum.
    Please tweet me at @chrisrvarney if you want to stay in touch

  6. That’s amazing Amanda. Thanks for sharing that with me. Please tweet me at
    @chrisrvarney to stay in touch

  7. Wow, Bill. You have framed the spectrum really well. Thanks for sharing
    your story with me and all the best with your remarkable daughter! Please
    tweet me at @chrisrvarney to stay in touch

  8. Mr Varney … Your way with words is wonderful and I love your ‘I can’
    message! It is one I have and will continue to pass onto my children
    regardless if they be autistic or neuro typical 🙂 I will even use it for
    myself when I believe I am a bad mum when faced in those situations you and
    your mother have gone through … Thank you for being you and a beacon of
    light! I hope to hear from you and will be a happy listener to your stories
    and talks. The very best to you always and many thanks x

  9. This is a beautiful speech, thank you. Your mother is awesome, my mum was
    the same, different message but same intention and it helped a lot. I do
    believe we need to rethink autism. Thank you again for this. 😀

  10. Could not love this more. Would love to hear strategies for identifying
    strengths in our kids from Pluto, sometimes I truly feel like I live on a
    different planet! I have a 13 year old who was only diagnosed last year
    after many years of living in the fishbowl.

  11. This is wonderful..You should check out AlIX GENEROUS tedx talk. She is
    amazing also and speaks about Mental diversity and she is a natural born
    comedian. She has Aspergers and has spoken in from of 14,000 delegates at
    the United Nations! She was just in Poland as the UN as a youth delegate!
    She is an inspiration to those who suffer from Aspergers,,,look what she is
    doing with her life! She is Autism poster child for what you can

  12. Chris you are my hero! I loved your TED Talk and have shared it with my
    clients! With my help, we are building the children I tutor, “I can
    networks!” Thank you so much for the inspiration! I’m following you on
    Twitter! Elizabeth

  13. Been waiting 50 years for someone to step forward and say, “Yeah mate,
    wanna bet”. Why is it that the experts say the people with IQs of 180 are
    so incapable. Thanks for the hope, courage, and understanding.

  14. Amazing and inspiring! And – sorry, this is completely irrelevant – he has
    the most beautiful hands I have ever seen.

  15. the mother with high IQ will cure their autistic kid, the mother with low
    IQ or no IQ keep fooding their sick kid chemical junk GMO food, take their
    sick kids to MD(who gave the kid autism at first place) or hospital
    reglluarly to get more toxins and more poisons, because the mother herself
    is a stupid sheep