25 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Son Melts Her Heart

  1. I can’t wait to see them play Heads Up! …And one more thing, I want to
    read interesting comments that aren’t about “first comment”, “second”, etc.

  2. Poor twin sister now has to do something to match up to her brother’s
    “greatness”. lol 

  3. Harry: Aawh! JLo: I’ll cry right now stop it” lmao
    That was too cute && Harry’s hilarious!

  4. Lupita (J Lo’s Mother) was a teacher for many years, so she teaches them a

  5. These 3 judges are quite fun, and they are doing well together as judges on
    AI 13.

  6. Gay people love for kids is not the same as a women or man who actually
    have there own child. That’s why dude had to make the funny remark