Ask Wendy: I Want My Son to Take Me to His Prom

What would you do if your son promised you when he was 5-years-old to take you to his senior prom? Now that the boy is 17 and has a girlfriend, should he fol…

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25 thoughts on “Ask Wendy: I Want My Son to Take Me to His Prom

  1. I feel soo embarrassed for this woman! She can’t be serious! Black women,
    your son is NOT your man! Geez!

  2. Selfish…Can we hashtag #girlbye
    Watching this makes me so angry because I have sooo much to say. SMH redo
    your prom…are you serious. That’s selfish. She could at least lie and say
    she wants to be a chaperone and make sure her son doesn’t get into trouble.
    And the son is dumb for promising her that a year ago….please let me stop

  3. Wow, so she takes the word of a 5 year old, to take her to the prom? … to
    re-do her prom pic???? OMG SMH!!!!

  4. i feel bad for any woman her son tries to make his g/f or wife. His mom
    needs to cut cut CUT that cord ASAP

  5. #girlbye – what a disgrace to want to go to prom with her son. so what
    will happen when it is his wedding; is she going on the honeymoon too? I
    would not even consider going on prom with my sons!