Outnumbered | Ben’s Baby Questions | S3 Ep4

Ben asks the potential buyer of their house about her baby. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/hattricksub Outnumbered is the multi-award-winning comedy serie…

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25 thoughts on “Outnumbered | Ben’s Baby Questions | S3 Ep4

  1. “you could call him spot!” “well we were thinking something like
    Peter….but maybe as a middle name”

  2. @MiaCaraRosie123 same wid me i have every episode and i know every line on
    episode one and im 10 lol

  3. I must be a kid at heart but I would have totally played along and then try
    to come up with how my baby would look. XD;

  4. Daniel Roache has a bright future ahead of him, for a boy of his age he is
    extremly talented.

  5. The best thing he says in this episode is: “At my hospital, the nurses all
    know me. They’ve got special tongs for pulling memory sticks out your
    throat!” LOL