MEET THE CHOPRAS – The Chopra Well

Meet the Chopra family – hosts of The Chopra Well, a new YouTube Channel launching in July 2012. Father, son, and daughter (Deepak Chopra, Gotham and Mallika…

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25 thoughts on “MEET THE CHOPRAS – The Chopra Well

  1. Hiya Chopra Family , it’s a joy to meet you in this way. Congratulations
    and brightest blessings I am looking forward to the Chopra Well experience.
    Lots of love to you all. xxx

  2. Easy “Chopras” no matter how poetic your dad is keep your all’s EGO in
    check and realize there are thousands of other Chopra families out there.
    Also, and more importantly don’t forget about your Dad’s lack integrity,
    which I heard from a friend who attended a wkshp back in the 90’s.

  3. it would only be futile if you did – that’s one time and space, but it’s
    not NOW……. is it? Your friend’s experience is not even your own
    (hearsay) and I know better than to jump on every train, i know how to
    utilize my powers of intuition and my gut feelings. Keep up the good work

  4. Haha Gotham! You rock. The whole Chopra family is awesome. Looking forward
    to the content on this channel!

  5. It is a new moment. A moment of change of paradigm. Are you ready?

  6. I really enjoyed this set of video’s. I am very interested in Eastern

  7. Thank you Dr. Chopra, I look forward to being a part of your community of

  8. I am excited! Consider me one of your 1% on the fun road to transformation.

  9. I subbed because Gotham is a proud Red Sox fan, as a fan since Tony C. was
    the youngest to 100 HR, my big question is for him: After a decade of the
    most glorious stretch for Red Sox baseball in nearly a century and a
    stretch of winning seasons with Francona at the helm, the Red Sox imploded
    so improbably last September, with the entire structure of the team going
    to pieces like none I have ever witnessed. The Red Sox fall from grace is
    staggering; What the hell happened and WHY? (Yankees suck)

  10. MrComaToes – sorry it took me so long. Not sure Soxpocalypse can be
    articulated in 500 words, but here goes. Could go with “everything good
    must end.” Or could go with this is just karma for Manny & Papi (& God
    knows who else) juicing. Or could go with the Sox turned into the Yankees.
    Or could go with the Sox lost their discipline and what got 2 rings. But
    I’m gonna go with the fact that everyone (players, management, fans) got

  11. Such a shame, I think Manny and his final Sox season should probably have
    been a sign the Soxpocalypse was approaching. Jeter, if there is ever a
    more loathed athlete for Sox fans over a longer period, I can’t think of
    one; A-Tool is distant second. Go Pats! Brady = HOF