25 thoughts on “Vintage Grace: GRACE GOT SENT TO JAIL!?!?

  1. sometimes, i feel for her when i see her not get these auditions, but then
    i remember this lead her to LA, where she pretty much skyrocketed. 

  2. I always tell my little brother that I’ll call the police and let them send
    him to jail if he doesn’t behave haha

  3. I always loved that story. With my parents I learned pretty quickly to not
    misbehave. All my Dad had to do was touch his belt and you immediately
    stopped what you were doing and shut your mouth. He was serious. But I did
    test him on it. He won LOL. But sometimes depending on what you did, there
    was no warning. But I do remember the last time he hit me and my sister.
    Because my sister got it first. But when he got to me he did not remove my
    blankets, I had so much of the blanket on my butt I didn’t feel a thing.
    But I had to pretend it hurt LOL. But for some reason he never hit us
    again. That’s just the way they they did it back then.

  4. My parents never told me that I would go to jail. However, my mother did
    threaten to give me to the mailman when I drew two beautiful lines around
    my bedroom in permanent marker and a cute little bee behind the t.v. Yeah,
    mom was not happy. I remember hiding under my bed every day around mail
    time because I was terrified that she would actually give me away. Haha
    Good to see other people were threatened as well. 😉 (:

  5. I’m an only child and when I was around three my mom was trying to get me
    to start cleaning my own room. Of course that isn’t any fun, so she had to
    resort to a similar tactic. She told me that I actually had a big brother,
    but I never got to see him because he was in kid jail since he didn’t clean
    his room. At first I didn’t believe her. I said “there’s no kid jail!” and
    my dad (a police officer) popped in and said “yes there is, it’s called
    juvenile hall.” I cried… A lot. My mom felt bad but at the same time she
    was trying not to laugh. Now it’s like her favorite story to tell about me

  6. I’m black… got my ass whooped for really stupid shit half the time I
    didn’t do it and the other half was insecurities on the part of my step
    dad.. that mixed with being Caribbean.. you get your ass handed to you. Now
    when I did do something.. it was terror. I had marks and bruises.. eh
    I’m still alive. Tough cookie. I’ve been threatened before with going to
    the girls industrial school aka a reform school for the troubled youth..
    never believed my mom so doesn’t matter. 

  7. my mum used to do the same as you but said if I misbehave she would call
    super nanny and I was so terrified I did not watch it for a solid 5years

  8. My mum used to tell me If I continued to misbehave, she would send me to
    China to make nike’s.