Shoppin’ Til We’re Droppin’ (WK 157) | Bratayley

Today we spend the day shopping using our Christmas money and some of our leftover birthday money. Bratayley “Baked Potato” shirts are finally here! http://w…

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25 thoughts on “Shoppin’ Til We’re Droppin’ (WK 157) | Bratayley

  1. It’s super unnecessary to spend the majority of your money on just one
    thing, when you can get lots of other things instead. Don’t buy the doll.

  2. Actually I think you have a new channel for truth or dares because if you
    are yadani Ahmed blurred it out

  3. If u have $150 dollers then if u want the doll soooo much please get the
    doll and u would still have $50 dollers to spend on little things u might
    want (everyones happy 😉 ) P.S I am absouloutly addicted to your vidioes

  4. You can brush out saiges hair but you have to do it at least once every
    other day and if it gets tangled you have to use a spray bottle and spray
    her hair then brush it then wrap her hair around your finger slide her hair
    of then let it dry if you want her hair to still be curly I know this
    because I have saige

  5. what’s calebs favorite food? BAKED POTATO BAKED POTATO BAAAAAKKEEDDDDD

  6. I got that magazine also and yes I would buy her with 150 and use the 50 on
    her clothes or acssesories 

  7. I think u should get Isabelle. And can’t wait to hear the big announcement