25 thoughts on “Cat Feces, Flies, Kids Unable To Speak | Felony Child Abuse

  1. Insults are unnecessary and childish. A man is a man, a woman is a woman.
    End of story. Homosexuality is a mental illness. It isn’t normal. A mental
    illness that makes humans go with the wrong gender, aka so they can’t
    reproduce, that’s a sickness, and that’s homosexuality. I don’t think you
    understand my opinion.

  2. I respect your right to be wrong. Claiming that gayness is a mental illness
    is tantamount to declaring that you need to get out more. Grow up.

  3. Wow. You call me mentally ill and sick and I simply say you don’t know your
    psychology, yet I’m the one hurling insults and being childish. Good one.

  4. If you are normal, you are less than an insect. It is lazy to simply adopt
    opinions from the majority or your parents. Make up your own mind, you have
    that capacity. These parents are probably trying to console themselves and
    compensate for their failings in life, through the single avenue of
    glorious success availiable to them/everyone: BREEDING! Because people like
    you glorify breeding. Because of that, these kids have suffered and may
    never become fully functional people.

  5. And if you knew my father and my brother and the male genetics of my
    family, you would be forced to recognize, how reproduction of *that*, would
    be HIGHLY irrational, and not remotely insane, as you so boldly claim.
    NOBODY needs people like them, NO ONE! …not saying sexuality is a choice,
    just if it were, being gay would be the sound and reasonable decision for

  6. Misfortunate sentence structure. It shoul have read: Choosing not to
    reproduce my father’s genetics is a sensible choice, not remotely insane…

  7. Your argument is that anything that is not normal (let’s say one standard
    deviation from the mean), or at least does not contribute to the
    continuation of the species, is a sickness. How about celibate people? Are
    they “sick”? Doesn’t this mean that a significant number of priests are
    mentally ill? And what of couples that have 3 or more kids? They’re
    contibuting to the species, but they’re not within one standard deviation
    of the mean. Are they all sick?

  8. but wherever there are people, there are idoits. there will never be a
    utopian society of idoit free people. for every einstein, mozart, vangough
    ..etc) there’s a thousand defects being born every minute.

  9. I agree, but with my idea at least their reproduction rate would slow down,

  10. They were crazy and possibly crack, meth heads or fall down drunks. Even
    extremely poor people may have a very clear house so poverty is no excuse

  11. Babies do not even exist to be the age of two or three troll. Don’t they
    have kids in Nigeria?

  12. Actually, children can’t learn language just by watching TV; they have to
    witness and participate in real-time communication with other people. But
    it is the case that some very abused children never learn to speak because
    they were so isolated and denied communication as a part of their abuse.

  13. This pisses me off!!!! Even worse, our government doesn’t want to give gay
    couples the right to adopt kids. One of my friends is the product of two
    male parents and he is straight and married with a college degree. Not too
    shabby for gay parents. But I guess Republicans and Tea Baggers prefer
    these kids to remain homless, without parents or in abusive homes. 

  14. We are made to get a license to drive a car, a license to get married,,,
    but there are no requirements or licensing requirements to have children…
    ya,, lovely.

  15. Poverty is not an issue, There are very poor people with happy kids and
    clean homes. Mental health or drug abuse could be the answer, but someone
    should have noticed this before now.
    Why wasn’t the kid in school?

  16. I can’t stand cynical people like this girl, “do we really care about
    children in America?” If children are seen living on the street, 911 is
    called immediately which is why most homeless people hide the fact that
    their children are also living homeless, thus making it extremely difficult
    to detect & solve. But for her to suggest that we as a society hate
    children is a grand combination of ignorance and angry cynicism. What a
    joke it is to even call this show journalism, I can’t stand their moronic
    ways, why do I keep watching, why?????

  17. damn this girl….Anna is fuckin smoking hot…and very smart—I like her
    I like her ALOT—and this show is awesome Cenk is a trip—love it

  18. Damn social services impeding these fine citizens freedom! Tyranny! Those
    kids liked the cat feces. As for the flies; they aren’t flies they’re pets!
    This is just more evidence of the ever encroaching socialism that threatens
    are freedom to raise children in squalor!