Alec Baldwin Is Up Late

Jimmy and Alec, both new dads, trade parenting stories and Jimmy asks Alec about his MSNBC show, “Up Late with Alec Baldwin.” Subscribe NOW to Late Night wit…

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25 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Is Up Late

  1. I soooo need this baldwin vid today someone actually stole my backpack at
    school today 🙁 not sad; but I will say I’m feel stuck or something, i dont
    know :/

  2. Can you guys please, oh please upload the covers of Pearl Jam from this
    week? Eddie’s my main man, but I’ve gotta see my other boys do some musics
    too. Thanks!

  3. Jimmy Please be in more movies, Your Talent and Humor is so good, Why do we
    have Adam Sandler as such a successful comedian when we could have Jimmy!
    Jimmy Please save us from bad comedians

  4. Omg, when Jimmy Fallon imitated his baby on how she imitates him… so
    freakin’ cute!