Our Kids Gone Wild

Our wives put us in charge of the kids for the weekend. Good Mythical Morning Episode 25! Comment below and tell us something funny that has happened with yo…

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25 thoughts on “Our Kids Gone Wild

  1. Yes animals do watch this show. My mom’s cats sit on the couch and have to
    watch GMM daily or they get very crazy.

  2. I was at the grocery store. Putting the purchaced items in my truck. My 1yo
    is in her carseat in the cart. I take the last bag out of the cart, and
    turn to put it in the truck. I turn around 3 seconds later, expecting to
    see my daughter when I turn back around… But its just nothing there now.
    No cart or infant. I look about 10-15 ft away from me and there is my cart
    sailing down the hill of a parking lot with my baby looking at me with a
    oh-no look on her face lol. I caught up with her ok tho

  3. link drinking a juice box XD PS it would be cool to superman pirate unicorn
    mud captain underwear…. PPS i’m a duck

  4. As soon as you said, “You are a human being” my dog made a peculiar noise,
    like if she were saying, “No”…

  5. Hey, they have these tubes with a bunch of holes in them with screen around
    it that you drive into the ground to let water sink in the ground. You
    should try that in the center of the wet spot in your yard.

  6. the best way to ventriloquize a person is to put your hand behind their
    neck and tap when you want them to open their mouth, or along those lines

  7. My brother and I got into some shenanigans. When I was 2 I decided I’d make
    it snow in our house by emptying out my mom’s beanbag on the floor of the
    living room. My brother at 4 years old thought that he would get me in
    trouble by telling my mom that I pinched him, so she came up and pinched me
    REALLY HARD. I started crying and said he was lying, and mom just got
    really quiet and slowly turned to him, and he immediately got a look on his
    face that only read, “Crap, busted!” And he jet out of the room with my mom
    running after him.

  8. me and my siblings kayne kaleb caiden cash and me ripped up styrophone and
    covered my floor with it and cannon balled off my bed and i hit my head and
    got a giant purple bump on my head