Mom and Dad Green! Extra Special Question Tuesday

In which Hank asks real questions from real nerdfighters to his real mom and dad. Find out what Hank’s real name is, what John’s GIRL name is, and some nice …

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25 thoughts on “Mom and Dad Green! Extra Special Question Tuesday

  1. I spend enormous stretches of time forgetting that John and Hank were
    raised in the South, even though they mention it pretty often, it’s no
    secret. Then I heard his mom speak and I heard the accent and I was like

  2. Wait, John is more famous? I guess I watch Sci show more than crash
    course, so I see Hank a lot more.

  3. This didn’t show on my subscriptions and I’m really mad. Also happy because
    this was awesome.

  4. The still for this video looks like your mother’s hands are being suctioned
    into space.

  5. Aww. Next question Tuesday you have to answer: “How did you and John raise
    such perfect parents?”

  6. awww i love your parents, they are so cute!!!!!!!! reminds me of my mom,
    they have an innocence to them…..

  7. +Hank Green You don’t know what an Apgar score is? You need to do some
    research and present a scishow on it!