Child of Tiger Mom Speaks Out

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, daughter of ‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua, explains the misconceptions surrounding her mother’s parenting philosophy and how her mother does…

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25 thoughts on “Child of Tiger Mom Speaks Out

  1. make no mistake about it. this woman doesnt impart this type of parenting
    out of noble desires for her childrens future as much as the status of
    having spawn with such accolades and accomplishments. fact: a in demand
    skilled plumber makes as much as a young doctor and much more than most
    college professors….yet parents like this would die at the thought of
    telling theyre aquinantances that theyre child cleans out jammed toilets
    and sewage lines. even if he does drive a paid off cadillac.

  2. @hhafan ego is a primary reason many people even have kids in the first
    place. how many young women are naturally maternal and good with children?
    alot but there is a sizeable number who couldnt be bothered with them. all
    of a sudden time runs out and personal failures mount. Children stand a
    voyeuristic second chance to be the talented one, or the head cheerleader,
    or the valedictorian, or the harvard graduate. All completely pointless and
    vain ambitions to the rest of the world.

  3. I grew up to think I was stupid and worthless. I dropped out of university,
    got some points and I didn’t work for nearly a year because I was

  4. I have the feeling you only read the article in the WSJ. That portrayal was
    extremely one-sided and did not do the book any kind of justice. I feel
    very sorry for you because have ABUSIVE parents is terrible (Luckily I
    can’t speak from expirience.). The thing with the stuffed animals was
    actually Sophia making a hyperbolic example of the things her mother would
    threaten her with. The point being threaten, not actually do – Amy says so
    herself at the end of her book 🙂

  5. I think it’s just with Sophia she is like that because Amy said it herself
    that Sophia is an easy kid and is self-motivated and will eventually do the
    right thing. But with Lulu it’s a tad bit more harder. I’m the first child
    as well and I can relate to the situation. My mom doesn’t even know what I
    do at school of for extracurricular activities but with my younger sister,
    he pushes her, knows her schedule on the back of her hand and asks her to
    study everyday.

  6. I was raised the typical Chinese way for the earlier parts of my childhood
    and while I did resent it several times in the past, I also realised that
    it gave me self-esteem instead of self-loathing. My parents have become
    much “tamer” nowadays but I really believe that strict parenting is best
    for the younger years.

  7. teach them to get smart husband, you might have a grandchild that doesn’t
    have to learn at all …

  8. Based on what criteria, your little morals or hardcore capitalism? I think
    the second one is a better example of what matters in life.

  9. So now you’re helping some Ivy League Zionists make money. You’re not
    successful until you make money, school doesn’t equal success.

  10. Ms. Chua has brought to the public a set of values and techniques that seem
    to be oh-so-taboo. Many Asian children are raised with some form of this
    upbringing. As a ‘Tiger cub’, I have developed mature social, academic,
    atheletic, and life skills beyond the population of teenagers my age and
    even some adults. People in the comments slandering families and ideals do
    not have the priviledge of calling someone a ‘bitch’ or her kids ‘products
    of Fascism’. I owe my success in life to my parents.

  11. I’m not Asian but I have to say that I do agree w/ the “Tiger Mom”
    philosophy. There may be a few things I would change but for the most part,
    she has taught her kids that in life, confidence, happiness & success are
    EARNED and not just handed to you. There are so many LAZY parents who
    enable their kids unambitious behaviors yet this mom has taught her kids
    self reliance and that self esteem is based on their own self worth not on
    someone else’s perception of it.

  12. You know u’ve raised a a succesful child when he/she lives a moral and
    happy lives regardless of whatever the future holds for them and they will
    still remember and yearn ur love you till their ages supasses as if the day
    they were born.

  13. the child looks like a nervous bowl of wackyness- more like a fruitcake
    thats more white

  14. yes,her ‘looks’ really are what this subject is about. shes nervous and
    rambles to herself kinda hard to miss it in the whole since its REcorded
    for everyone to read into her body language which is a bowl of nervous
    twitch- opposite of natural and

  15. actually its just any unusual circumstance. Stephen Hawking doesnt have
    autism and said if he didnt have lou gehrigs disease he would have gone
    into the world’s cup or somethin athletic instead of physics. by chance he
    did love physics enough so that when his condition gave him no other
    choice. we know him as a physicist

  16. Steven Hawking had a very high IQ to begin with though. Many illnesses
    mental or neurological come with other differences, many of the times it’s
    related to intelligence.