25 thoughts on “Britney Spears on Her Two Boys

  1. I remember Britney having a personality but she seems so emotionless all
    the time now. It’s sad how the media has ruined her. 

  2. lol britney loves her gay fans, and she is always awkward not just gay
    fans. a lot of background dancers are gay and she hang out with them even
    in the documentary (for the Record) 

  3. Britney seems really nice, polite and humble. But part of me wonders where
    the “fun” side to her is? I mean, I love that she seems grounded and all,
    but girl needs to let loose a little! She behaved really tensed during the
    entire interview… like she had something to hide or something.

  4. Lol! I thought Rosie’s open mouth was cause she likes Oreo’s. Clearly it
    was “Omg! Britney has sons? Can I marry one?” ;P

    Sophia Grace is just like “Mmmm cake!” (as I would be… haha)

  5. Britney seems like a real nice person,but I can’t help but notice that
    she’s so uncomfortable and tensed

  6. why does britney always look like she dosn’t want to do interviews..she
    looks bored and a bit nervous half the time :/

  7. omg thats so cute how rosie asked if Brittany’s boys are single i couldnt
    stop laughing 

  8. I think I past out a little when Rosie asked if her sons were
    single….BEST MOMENT EVER

  9. That “Are your boys single?” comment though! Haha oh Rosie, you cutie