Outnumbered | Karen’s take on politics | S3 Ep1

Two parents, Pete and Sue (played by Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner) and their three children are locked in an unequal battle. Subscribe for more: http://bit…

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25 thoughts on “Outnumbered | Karen’s take on politics | S3 Ep1

  1. Young juicy brains. That’s all I have to say. Saucy little chit ain’t she.

  2. I swear if my child is not as cute and adorable as Ramona Marquez I shall
    commit suicide.

  3. Outnumbered gets around 2.7 million viewsers in a country of 60 million. I
    was going to paste some clips on Facebook to encourage people to check out
    the show, but I can’t expect them to sit through a 20 second advert on
    every clip. Good work.

  4. Talking about Politics – “Grandad would think all the ugly people are the
    best singers” HAHA :’)

  5. so annoying when people comment what we just watched said.They can like the
    video not comment.

  6. Amazing how these kids don’t have lines, proves how funny they actually are

  7. I think this young lady would be a great PM, she talks a lot more sense
    than they do, would like to hear what she thinks about there expenses. now
    that would be interesting.