Saturday With Mom, Dad and Will | The Little Couple

Now that they have little William in their lives everything is different. | For more Little Couple, visit…

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25 thoughts on “Saturday With Mom, Dad and Will | The Little Couple

  1. Wat happened to the girl they were gonna adopt they like forgot about her
    they don’t even talk about her

  2. will loves bill. but for some reason he does not like jen. he even hit her.
    and jen seems she is not so thrilled with will. why couldnt they get
    american baby too adopt?. unless they wanted one out of the country?. will
    is all ready watching out for bill. will cries every time jen says
    something too him are he doesnt want her too hold his hand. he waves his
    hand at her ( like no no no stay away from me).

  3. Often times an adopted child will bond with the father first, then the
    mother. Doesn’t matter where the kid comes from, it still happens.