I could fight a baby all day. Know why? Because I know their weakness: WIND. Song: “Attention Whore” by deadmau5 and Melleefresh Get it here https://itunes.a…

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25 thoughts on “HOW TO FIGHT A BABY

  1. My Little Cousin Hit My Balls Because I Took A Toy Off Him Playfully.
    Biggest Mistake Ever. xD

  2. Awwwww so cute! Your wife must be awesome letting you do that. I’m not a
    mother or anything but I would never allow my husband to do that lol so
    cute though.

  3. Really? Of all the videos on YouTube… THIS ONE is considered
    controversial. I mean look at the little guy he’s enjoying that shit out of
    it. Hell if he wasn;’t, the video would have been incredibly short.

  4. Cute video. Dad loves baby, and plays with baby and baby is HAPPY and
    LAUGHING, and PARTICIPATING. Lucky baby has a dad who loves him.