Can a Relationship Survive Cheating?

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith says a relationship can survive cheating. Does Wendy agree? Then, Kim Kardashian reportedly wants to stop breastfeeding, but her s…

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25 thoughts on “Can a Relationship Survive Cheating?

  1. Can a relationship survive infidelity? Jada Pinkett Smith’s opinion may
    surprise you.

    Then, Kourtney Kardashian is giving Kim parenting advice and Sandra Bullock
    wants more kids.

    Find out what Wendy thinks about the latest Hot Topics.

  2. Faithfulness is not unrealistic, it is all about attitude and respect. If
    you know you can’t be faithful, don’t marry or have an open marriage (which
    hardly works out by the way).

  3. Is anybody even thinking of STDs? Many people infect their partner by
    cheating and not telling.

  4. yeah, but my point was that if your spouse does cheat on you once and is
    sincerely remorseful, give the person another shot. Don’t just throw the
    whole marriage away over one incident.

  5. Cheatinh has nothing to do with you ? If I suck in bed and I never want to
    have sex and my man fuck somebody else behind my back I won’t be the one to
    blame for his need not satisfied? Yeah… ok

  6. A second chance for cheaters? Should we give second chances to beaters as
    well? Because hat worked out sooo well for Rihanna. If you are not mentally
    and emotionally stable enough not to cheat, then you shouldn’t be in a
    relationship to begin with. There are no excuses for cheating. If there is
    a problem then as a couple you should have the communication skills to work
    through the issue. If you can’t, then put on your big kid undies and END
    the relationship.

  7. Bonding is the least of it. Breastfeeding is better for the baby. Their
    digestive system develops better and they’re less prone to illness and
    infections there are studies on this. You are not a doctor Wendy so please
    leave medical advise to the professionals. You’re very entertaining but if
    you’re going to comment on something so serious, realize women are looking
    up to you, please do your research.

  8. what if 99 out of 100 men are cheaters? maybe the answer is to be one, too!

  9. Not all Men are cheaters hunny and who ever told you that or made you think
    that way is a moron or just lost their hope in men. Also, why would you
    want to be a cheater yourself? Why would you want to down grade yourself to
    be that type of person?

  10. I used to think that way, too, haha….you have NO idea, but take the red
    pill and you’ll see I’m right, or take the blue pill and be cheated on by
    every man you ‘bf’ or marry. I’m just being realistic. Believe me. and
    what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, why not? why would I
    restrain my self if he can’t/won’t? that’s not very fair….and is it even
    realistic to expect lifelong monogamy? are humans really capable of that?
    not convinced…tho it’s a lovely idea!

  11. No, in Latin America women usually depend on the income of the husband, so
    they technically have no choice but to stick around (most of the time) I
    know none of my family or friends put up with that kind of stuff. So you
    are completely wrong. I think you haven’t read the stories of women in
    Latin America killing their cheating husbands and making them into food…
    nice chattin’ with you (:

  12. i agree with Jada and did her and Will divorce.. ? nope. she seems correct
    to me. if your man is able to talk and you can work it out then you’re
    saved but if not, gotta go. Thats how i am in my relationships, just all
    honesty or there’s nothing. Thats even if you wanna keep the relationship
    but its always a decision between the two and no one else and the side
    person will know as well what it is. Regardless i think its ok for women to
    always get up and move on if she wants to.

  13. Wendys husband Kevin cheated on her an she forgave him – google Wendy
    williams husband sex tape! That’s why she hates women!!!

  14. i really dont understand this woman. she’s talking this way now and then
    she’s having them on this show ??????????????????? wtf