After Show: I’m a MOM!!!!

Wendy takes off her “Lisa Rinna” wig to show us how thick it is and tells us why she hates gym sneakers! Plus, you’ll never guess what super model Wendy is m…

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25 thoughts on “After Show: I’m a MOM!!!!

  1. i’m jealous of wendy’s niece, she gets to hangout with wendy,eat with
    wendy,shop with wendy,talk with wendy! aggghhhh what a lucky girl

  2. I just ran across these ‘after show’ videos. I love these videos more than
    the show! I guess they just remind me of the radio show that I miss so much

  3. Love how you keep it soo REAL Wendy!!! Also, while shopping at Foot Locker
    the sales associate told me about an insert placed inside the shoes to
    avoid creases.

  4. I loveeeeeee this chick! love love love u Wendy. I was rocking with you
    from your radio show days lol. smooches 🙂

  5. I totally agree with Wendy… I wish I had someone tell me those things 10
    years ago, 15 years ago…

  6. ….lol i like the way she just lives her wig trailing next to her ..shes
    so natural and real thts wht i like bout x

  7. Yeah the main thing that everybody needs to remember about being young is
    that we take risk. You gotta take risk in order to live life and guess what
    a person may very well be taking risk in their 20’s. No one should stop
    taking risk because they are not a certain age yet. You can’t help the age
    that you are but you can help the life that you live. She may have the
    emotional capability to deal with raising someone else’s kids.

  8. totally disagree she’s 28 even if she’s not ready to get married it’s time
    to be in a serious relationship, dont let being ‘young’ run your life..also
    everyone is different some people can handle it some can’t.

  9. @TiMalice2009 Not all black people have Jay-Z’s shade.. I thought everyone
    knew that. I guess ignorance is everywhere.

  10. I’m gonna say its due to the fact that she normally wears a full face of
    makeup daily. usually when women who wear makeup alot take it off they look
    a little paler.