Twin Identities: Mom Minute with Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I have two identical twin girls! But just because they look alike, that doesn’t mean they are the same person. On this…

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25 thoughts on “Twin Identities: Mom Minute with Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles

  1. My twins sons will be going to different class next year. Feel so sad 🙁
    For primary 1 and 2 (I don’t know what grade would be called over there)
    they have been in the same class. My older twin is more independent but My
    younger twin is more shy and quiet. Just makes me feel much better when his
    older twin brother was there to help him in the same class for the two
    years. Just worried how he’s going to cope next year not in the same class
    with his older twin brother. Although his teacher kept telling me he will
    learn to be more stronger and independent that he’ll be fine. I really hope
    so! At least he has a few friends that will be in the same class with him
    next year just he feels it won’t be same without his brother! Hope all goes
    well. :)

  2. I just asked +Brooklyn and Bailey today if they wanted separate bedrooms,
    and they said that they want to stay together. I actually love that they
    want to be together, it is cute! We will see if they still feel that way
    when they are 16! hahahaha xoxo

  3. what about when you say their names and you always say Brooklyn first then
    Bailey. Does that make one feel less important? When I was young it was
    always andrew and Amanda this Andrew and Amanda that. but never Amanda and
    Andrew… lol its silly but I wanted to be first! lol

  4. I completely agree with mindy… twins are TWO different people and they
    deserve to be treated differently…I hate that parents who dress twin
    children in the same identical way only because looks good and everybody
    turn to look at you…horrible…

  5. As a twin I really don’t like when people call us “the twins” or “the
    girls” especially when there are other girls called by their names. I
    totally agree with not comparing them to each other. Once years ago someone
    asked us “who’s uglier” my sister answered and he laughed and said “you
    look the same!” To this day any time we see that guy he brings it up.

  6. These are great tips, Mindy. We have identical twin boys who are in
    kindergarten this year. One of the boys has a more quiet and reserved
    personality than the other, so being in separate classes allows them both
    to flourish without being so-and-so’s brother. 

  7. My mother always had my younger sister go to parties I was invited
    to/friends that had me over. I resented it, because not only did my sister
    have her own set of friends, but mine as well. It felt very awkward to
    “compete” when getting friends gifts, liking stuff, etc.


  8. I have an identical twin. When we were little my mom and dad loved to dress
    us up alike but now that we are ilder we dress differently. We both love to
    share a room together also. We are extremely different though, she likes
    white and I like blue, she likes to eat pizza I love tacos.

  9. I’ve been telling my Mom for a long time that I really want twins! I think
    it would be fantastic! lol I’m still not at that stage in my life for kids
    but I hope God blesses me with twins!

  10. I don’t have a twin but I have a younger brother by 2 years and we have the
    same birthday (December 9) and growing up we would share bday parties and
    cakes which was annoying because I’m older than him and what is the chance
    that you and your sibling have the same birthday if you’re not twins

  11. Oh yes I have 5 younger children, that seems to want to imitate this kind
    of behavior at times, but it is still not as bad but still can be over
    whelming when you have to deal with it…..period!

  12. OMG! I also think that twins needs to be in different class and after
    school activities too! For example, my sister and I are also twins and when
    the teacher wanted to scold one of us, he always needs to ask for our names
    first. Plus our teachers always compares both of us… 

  13. If I’d have had twins I’d be so tempted to teach one about braiding hair,
    cooking and fashion, and the other one about military applied science,
    guns, explosives, combat etc. They’d make the perfect Yin Yang. :D

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  15. My sister and I were born a year and nine months apart. We share a room,
    hang out with all the same people, and are pretty much best friends. Even
    though I have blonde hair and green eyes and she has red hair and brown
    eyes, people think we’re twins all the time, especially when we were
    little, because our mom dressed us up alike and we were around the same
    size despite me being younger. My mom didn’t name us very similar names,
    but her nickname is Jess and mine is Lex, so I guess they sound alike. For
    Halloween, I dressed up as the good twin and she dressed up like the bad
    twin, which has been a running joke among our friend group. We also spend
    three class periods together because we are in the same arts program. It
    seems to me like we’re breaking all of your rules, without even being

  16. I have an identical twin and we are complete opposites,we’ll in tastes like
    kalie likes pink and neon colors I like dark colors like purple and black
    but at the end of the day we still are alike in a way!

  17. Mindy I love your hole family so much and I have watched song of your
    videos and done your give always I just watched your new hunger games prim
    rose hairstyle and I love it! I have a styling head and I try stuff on it
    sometimes the hairs to short though but and I also like to bake! And I have
    a YouTube channel called haleys livinitup and it’s somwhat based off of
    what Brooklyn and Bailey do. Iam a subscriber of both of your channels and
    I wish one time I could meet you your hole family is so amazing and pretty
    and I just love you guys inside and out

  18. I am a twin and we are Identical. When we were younger we were in different
    classes from kindergarten to 5th grade and then in the same classes
    6th-12th grade and our teachers alway got us mixed up. I am the oldest by
    one min and also the shortest. 🙁 We also shared a room with our older
    sister which wasn’t bad. we always played together when we were younger but
    now that we are both married we don’t hardly see eachother unless we have a
    family gathering. My sister is better at things then I am. I do try but she
    is more talented then me. We had some of the same friends. We got a long
    for the most part. We may have argued a couple of times but isn’t that was
    everybody does now a days. 🙂 I love watching your videos mindy and
    Brooklyn and Bailey. 

  19. Great suggestions. I have triplet girls, who each have their own separate
    styles. Though we were blessed with triplets, we were not blessed enough
    for each of them to have their own rooms. So my solution was to have them
    rotate into having their own room for four months out of the year. They
    picked the same paint color for both rooms and just switch out clothes and
    decor quarterly. They enjoy time alone and together. Win win, so far.

  20. can you please please do a video on post partum anxiety?? people always
    talk about post partum depression and the p.p anxiety is never really
    touched on, i know a few mothers that have this and would love to hear your

  21. Omg your family is absolutely adorable Mindy! Honestly you guys are so good
    looking! 🙂 i love brooklyn and bailey! Dont worry i love u too 😉 Your
    honestly a great mom! Keep it up!

  22. I love you Mindy!! Such good advice! I can apply this to Gage and Luke as
    well, they may not be twins, but they are so close in age that it almost
    feels like it. Thank you!