“Bath Time” – EPISODE 5 – Convos With My 2-Year-Old – Season 2

“Bath Time” – EPISODE 5 – Convos With My 2-Year-Old – Season 2 Actual conversations with my 3-year-old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full grown m…

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25 thoughts on ““Bath Time” – EPISODE 5 – Convos With My 2-Year-Old – Season 2

  1. Best story I know of ‘inappropriate’ stuff kids say is when my Nephew (who
    was about 3 at the time) liked looking out for this big statuesque clock
    thing in our city centre, walking around shouting BIG CLOCK, but without
    the L.
    It’s hardly innuendo or dirty if they don’t even understand what they’re
    saying, it’s just funny stuff kids do.

  2. I just watched the guy playing coco and I know that he was trying to be
    this dangerous guy coming on to Ingrid (witches of east end) but I could
    not take him seriously I burst out laughing i feel terrible but he really
    is a good actor

  3. David, I just saw you on Witches of East End. (That was you, right? IMDB
    doesn’t have you listed as being on it) I could not handle it! In a good
    way. I know it wasn’t supposed to be funny, but how many times have you
    made those same faces as Coco? LOL! Love you guys so much!

  4. What goes through the mind of someone who makes the effort to comment that
    “I just saw you on witches of east end” or “Supernatural” after 444,000
    other people have just made that exact same comment? I mean really what do
    you think the significance of that is? Is something going to be so special,
    about your 444,001 redundant statement that will make the authors notice
    you? It’s mean, I know, and forgive me, but it’s just sooooooooo irritating
    to scroll through 200 repeats just to get to a comment that is actually
    relevant to THIS video. Sigh

  5. I LOVED this episode!! Coco should be on that old show, “Kids Say the
    Darndest Things!!” Too funny!! I LOVE Convos!!!!! It’s nice to be able to
    have a laugh when there are so many unhappy things happening right now all
    over the world.

  6. That just brought back horrible memories! LOL When your babes say
    inappropriate things – usually in public – and you just don’t know what to
    say or do! 😉 LOVE uou guys!

  7. ▶ “Bath Time” – EPISODE 5 – Convos With My 2-Year-Old – Season 2 – YouTube

  8. I’m not sure how these guys made it through this one with a straight face.
    I lost it when I saw David looking downright unhappy in the bathtub.