Apple’s New Product – iMom

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Apple’s New Product – iMom Young kids are very tech savvy these days and while some parents are careful about letting their kids get too …

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25 thoughts on “Apple’s New Product – iMom

  1. Need a break from watching your kids constantly? The future of parenting
    has arrived…

  2. i ok with the comedy but cant you at least thank apple between now and than
    for the changing the world and make it a better place ok make funny
    sketch`s but thank them!!

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  7. 0:52 – Have you ever watched people in high school or college? Seriously,
    you walk up to them, and they don’t speak to you. They just sit there,
    texting, or listening to music. Try to make conversation with them, and
    they’ll just give you one-word answers. Jimmy, the children and adults of
    this generation can’t speak CURRENTLY. So, obviously, I agree with you –
    kids shouldn’t be introduced to unnecessary technology so early. Heck, I
    went 18 years without a cell phone – yes, I have one now, obviously, but I
    don’t even text; I just use it for calls, and I use it probably twice a
    week. And I think I turned out just fine. 🙂

  8. When I was a kid i was content with my crayons and coloring books and
    Goosebumps novels and Lion King lol this generation smdh

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  11. Wow I hope this doesn’t replace the playstation or xbox baby sitter. You
    would not believe the youngins being allowed to play gta V.

  12. Had an awesome childhood aside from being in fosterhomes. Playing in the
    rain with no shoes on. Exploring, tree climbing, staying out til 12 or 1
    playing in our yard. You weren’t all scared in the 70s. Listen to bucky
    coveningtons it was a different world. Fits growing up in the 70s perfect.

  13. I think kids nowdays don’t play outside like the last 10 years… All they
    do is sitting in front of the computer just typing or more commum, playing
    Ok, I kinda to that too, but on my childhood I used to play soccer on the
    streets, basktball, and everything… I wish everyday I could go back to
    that age… Miss you 2000’s

  14. U know what I hate?

    Assholes who argue with me.

    Like on Youtube a noob G+ person argued with me..

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