Baby Box – South Korea

For downloads and more information visit: In this heart-breaking report, we follow a man who’s dedicated his life t…

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25 thoughts on “Baby Box – South Korea


    From article:
    In this heart-breaking report about the Baby Box, follow a man who’s
    dedicated his life to saving South Korea’s unwanted babies. With hundreds
    of them being abandoned every year, why has the government ordered him to

    Up to 18 babies a month end up in pastor Lee Jong Rak’s Baby Box, a box
    attached to his house for women to leave their unwanted children in. “The
    babies that come here are the ones who’d otherwise die,” he says. The shame
    of having a baby out of wedlock leaves many women feeling desperate. But
    some say the Baby Box encourages mothers to abandon babies without
    registration, slowing down the adoption process. Pastor Lee’s been ordered
    to shut down his facility, but remains defiant: “There is nothing illegal
    about saving someone’s life.”

  2. this is so sad. now i want to adopt one of the children and give it a
    beautiful happy life T^T

  3. This pastor is Heaven bound!!!! He’s doing just what God will have all of
    us who profess Christianity!!!!

  4. They’ll never be adopted by americans because they’re not some black kids
    from an impoverished african country.

  5. The government should work with, not against this man’s heart felt
    willingness to help..this could be fixed so easily..leave a paper near the
    box for the person dropping off the baby to fill out to REGISTER the baby.
    I really hope something is done to save these babies since the govt.doesn’t
    seem to want to allow this man of God to help..sad..very sad 🙁

  6. this is so heartbreaking ! i cant believe that humans can do such a thing
    it’s awful ! but baby box had restored my faith in humanity

  7. Very heartwarming story! These children need unconditional and sincere
    love. I think this man and together with his volunteers will give what
    these children needs.

  8. The baby-box is a well known and historically documented phenomena that has
    been around for centuries. It used to exist in Europe, and has made a come
    back in Germany and other countries. Millions of children were abandoned in
    them because of the strict laws of the church, and thousands died because
    the conditions were poor and babies were fed on water and sugar. Voltaire
    himself abandoned all of his children…

  9. God bless this man and the other people who look after these babies. If
    only there were more people like him in the world <3

  10. that second pastor is wrong, nothing can stop the mother if she wants to
    give up her child and if she truly wanted the child she would never give it
    up in the 1st place

  11. The big picture is that babies are thrown in the garbage and this man is a
    saint for providing a good life & love for that child given up 🙂

  12. So many babies were being abandoned in dumpsters and found dead in the US,
    a program is available wherein a woman may leave a baby at a safe haven
    such as a hospital or with Firemen.