Outnumbered – BBC Sport Relief Night 2010

Please donate at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sportrelief Comedy about the daily rollercoaster of life with small children.

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25 thoughts on “Outnumbered – BBC Sport Relief Night 2010

  1. Karen on Christine Bleakely: ‘She just sits on a sofa and giggles!’ Once
    again, Karen hits the nail right on the head!!!

  2. I love Outnumbered It’s GENIUS!!! Especially Karen (Ramona Marquez) I love
    this <3 xx

  3. @harry9paula9potter There’s going to be a 3rd series. I don’t know when
    they’ll start showing it.

  4. Rofl best joke I’ve heard on outnumbered. “Oh, look, here’s a possible:
    Sponsored diving. You good at diving then?” “Yeah, I’m as good as that,
    uh….whatshisname?” “Tom Daily?” “No…Drogba!”

  5. The best parenting programme ever. And the best casting ever, including the
    parents. I’m absolutley in awe of the writing for this programme and the
    kids deliveries are brilliant.

  6. What happend to pudsy bears eye…….oh probably got lost in the fight you
    know what bears a like when they’ve had a few pints.

  7. Rarely, if ever, DON’T have tears in my eyes from laughing soooooo hard at
    ANY of the episodes of this verrrry inventive ad hilarious British comedy
    series …. easily the funniest and smartest British series since

  8. I love that the kids are given a bit of free reign to say whatever they
    think at the time lines are being filmed. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

  9. I wouldn’t mind closing the school kitchen 2 c cocroach olymics hosted by