Mother’s Day Cupcakes | The Little Couple

Bill helps William make cupcakes for Jen on her first Mother’s Day. | For more Little Couple, visit …

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24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cupcakes | The Little Couple

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  2. Actually, I don’t think I’m wasting my time at all. Whether they were “just kidding” or serious, they needed to honestly know that their comment was rude and just plain wrong.

  3. too me Jen is fake . bill he is a happy father no matter what. i saw the new one where will hit jen.
    and one episode she goes “thats ok i have zoey” like jen seems not so happy with will for some reason.
    she complains not spending one on one with him. but she brings her mom along?. and bill said its “its your turn ,so i can take a nap” jen”said no no no, i been working all day” that does not seem off too you?.

  4. Leave Jen alone! I bring my dad with me and 5 kids … I would asume some of bringing mom along is for safety, I have 5 kids and thats a big reason for my father joining us on outings, when my husband isn’t around. Try being a working mom (hospitals are on call 24/7 as is parenting. Of course she’s trying to juggle a whole lot! She is engaging, with will, some times though kids do have favorites with parents and it changes back and forth over time. I am in Aw at what Jen and Bill are taking on.

  5. Also I would think for Jen a little girl means spa days, ballet, pretty and pink and a kid who she can relate to and have girl time with. A son is more of a bruiser who likes ruff play, trucks and can be sweet on mom but definitely is not going to be into hairbows and tea parties . I love mu boys and have had a ball with them but there is something special about ballet lessons, tutus and shopping ( I believe Jen loves shopping) Will is amazing but Zoe is going to follow Mama and Grandma’s lead .