Euthanize An Autistic Kid? A Neighbor’s Hate-Filled Letter

“Ontario police are aware of a disgusting letter sent to a woman caring for an autistic child by another woman who wanted the “wild animal kid” out of her ne…

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22 thoughts on “Euthanize An Autistic Kid? A Neighbor’s Hate-Filled Letter

  1. People don’t choose to be born with a neurological disorder or a mental illness and those who are selfish are those who are inhumane, sick and cruel bullies who have no ounce of humanity, compassion and love in their hearts you jackass. You and the others who hate and bully on these kids and their families are the sick, selfish scumbags who should remove themselves. If you were born like that or your own kid, you wouldn’t say such vile, disgusting things about them. Consider yourself blocked…

  2. That’s my last post to you because I won’t put up with someone so evil and sick as you any longer. You are totally ignorant. Autism is not a mental illness or a sociopathy, it’s a neurological disorder. If you educated yourself instead of blaming and abusing the victims, you would know that. People like you who bully and defend the abusers instead of holding the abusers accountable and seeking justice for the victims who were brutalized and tortured make me sick to my stomach. Get lost…

  3. Bullies and abusers like you will always be on the wrong side of history. Now many families are disgusted by what you and the other bullies and abusers like you say and do. They don’t want to be around abusers and bigots like you. People always reap what they sow. You too will reap what you sowed. You will receive the consequences of your horrible mistreatments & cruelty and I can only hope that it will make you more humane. You’re blocked now, so don’t waste your time replying any longer…

  4. “I Am Autistic and i am proud.”

    Same here. Now we have Autism Pride Day and Neurodiversity. The bigots and bullies are on the wrong side of history. If we are proud of who we are, they have no power over us. Our differences and talents are being celebrated and too bad if the bigots and bullies don’t like it. We have just as much worth and value as everyone else and we should be proud of who we are and what we accomplish.


  5. no you do humanity a favor take a gun put it in yo mouth and pull the fucking trigger i have seen people abuse me use me as a slave call me a white nigger and threaten my life all because i am different


    i live my life as best i can and try to better myself and i don’t need idiots telling me to die or be euthanized for my mere existence


  6. you….monster

    that mentality is the same as a….Nazi

  7. 168 autism people, Pissed off mother, & My dad dislike this video. Why? Because He don’t give a F*ck about autism people & including his Autism son(me)

  8. i don’t hate the autistic, only parents who think that if they get in trouble then you shouldn’t punish them.

  9. You’re probably the type of person that gets annoyed when kids make a racket in a restaurant or a movie theater. You don’t have a “right” to live without disruption unless people are forcing their way into your home or getting in your face about it.

  10. So do you support capital punishment? You make comments about people’s genes, but keep in mind that people can be mentally or physically damaged later in life because of a disease or an accident. Would you kill a family member of yours if something like that happened to them?

  11. You know, disabilities are not restricted to being born like that. The people that wrote that note are worse than the kid because they should have more sense. If something happened to your relative which left them permanently damaged, like a disease or an accident, would you have them put down, like some people suggest?

  12. I read about a group of teens who bullied a girl that committed suicide, and people wanted the teens to spend life in jail for it. They were hating people for hating.

  13. What does that have to do with what i asked? Would you stick by a relative if they were damaged or not?

  14. I meant if something happened to a family member who was already healthy. My friend’s cousin was in a car crash, which left her mentally retarded for good. Stuff can happen to normal and healthy people that can make them disabled or mentally ill.

  15. I can’t believe someone would write a horrible letter. If he can’t tolerate it, he needs to move to a neighborhood far away. May he rot in jail for the rest of his days. I’m autistic. Anyone else who has autism needs to agree with me!

  16. If you think people should be killed for something like autism, then you make the world a bad place. People shouldn’t be killed for ANY reason, Even murderers.

  17. This is just a kid though. Regardless of his behavior, the people who wrote the letter should go fuck themselves. Children in general have less sense than adults, let alone a retarded kid. There is nothing to say things won’t improve in the future. His anti social behavior is out of his control to some degree, where as the adults who criticize him are most likely choosing to be ignorant instead of having compassion.