Roberto D’Angelo + Francesca Fedeli: In our baby’s illness, a life lesson

Roberto D’Angelo and Francesca Fedeli thought their baby boy Mario was healthy — until at 10 days old, they discovered he’d had a perinatal stroke. With Mar…

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24 thoughts on “Roberto D’Angelo + Francesca Fedeli: In our baby’s illness, a life lesson

  1. Guys, I dont remember the last time i’ve cried. Seriously.
    Im a father, and your speach changed myself. I’m glad you have the opportunity to share with us your story.
    Best wishes from Brazil!

  2. I tried it and got very ill when absorbed thru skin. It has been promoted as a fake cure for cancer and other conditions

  3. You don’t know me, keep your first year psych bullshit to yourself please.

  4. I just don’t care about this forced way of emo tv, where its clear that you are supposed to feel something when hearing their story. I rather be surprised by a touching story. I’m not brewing with negativity you dumb cunt. Like I said, you don’t know me

  5. And you’re the one that spreads positivity? You claim someone is either sick or has to kill her- /himself just because of not-liking emo-tv.

    Don’t talk about what people or society might need when you can’t even hide your shallowness.

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I am sending good wishes to you, and I pray for your life to be filled with happiness and peace!

  7. A true testament of how strong parents can help their children accomplish anything!

  8. Ted Talks have gone seriously downhill. The story was a good story, and I am beyond happy for the family, but…I’ve stopped even watching T Talks for the most part becuase I get sick of wading through the countless mediocre talks to find the decent ones.

  9. Bravoooooooooooooo
    Bravo 100000000 times.
    we are all born with nothing and we keep improving all our life.

    thanks you.

  10. It was a great story indeed, and I’m very proud of Mario’s parents. Their dedication to their son surely gave him a better quality of life. But! I will still say, that comparing to a video for example “the stroke of insight” it is I’m sorry to say a mediocre TED talk in my book as well. Sorry emotional folks.

  11. My son also had a stroke while in uterine. We found out when he was nine months old and could not crawl correctly, pull himself up, or sit. I had had pre-term labor from 29 weeks gestation and the pediatric neurologist says that is when his stroke happened. By twelve months the Early Intervention Therapy had caught him up to his peers.
    Phoenix is ten years old now and you would never know that he ever had any issues. I know exactly how the parents feel. Good luck Mario!