Learn How to Fix Your Daughter’s Hair | Dads | Babble

Watch more videos: http://www.youtube.com/babble Many dads would agree that they have no idea how to deal with their daughter’s hair, making the whole hairst…

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25 thoughts on “Learn How to Fix Your Daughter’s Hair | Dads | Babble

  1. @misty brown – cute girls hairstyles have a video on how to make them. Just type in cute girls hairstyles topsy´╗┐ Tao

  2. Great to see a Dad´╗┐ doing his best. My fans on Schooled Up Hair Accessories love Mindy’s hubby & his hairstyles (and adore hers). Oh and great to hear an Aussie too!

  3. 1:00 haha Sean casually sat in the background reading a book´╗┐ !

  4. You’d have to be a complete idiot to not be able to work out how to look after your child’s´╗┐ hair!

  5. omg mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles i love her im´╗┐ her number 1 fan i was like wow mindy yay when she walked in

  6. When I was in kindergarten my mom went to to work work so she couldn’t do my hair on picture day so my´╗┐ dad had to do it and he did a side pony tail and when i got to school my hair was popping out

  7. ok, but what about curly hair? That’s a whole different ballpark when it comes to hair´╗┐ maintenance.