Parents & guardians failing everywhere… now you know what not to do ­čśŤ Contact Onision: Official Onision Site:…

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25 thoughts on “FAIL PARENTS

  1. Guys guys 2:24 see the´╗┐ girl with the zebra shirt beside the girl with the black purse look between that girls and the zebra girls legs!!!!!

  2. UhOhBro, you really are an unfunny motherfucker. Holy shit. Apparently youtube thinks I like videos with no comedic´╗┐ value so they suggest this horseshit on the side panel. You appeal to 13 year olds or people with a 13 year old mentality. That’s as far as your skills reach dude. Dig deeper and stop pandering to these fucking numskulls. You’re probably funnier than this.

  3. That wasn’t ammo, that was a´╗┐ hedge trimmer. Kinda like a chainsaw, but not.

  4. you didn’t notice the ghost kid in the one´╗┐ you said they wer ignoring her. between the feet of the two girls with striped shirts.

  5. 2.50 kid learning to ride a bike is from a comedy show with Simon Pegg from Shaun´╗┐ of the Dead

  6. look up stuff on yahoo when doing a censor episode, so much more porn. and yes i know i spelled censor wrong. and there again. wait..did i? is that how you spell it? wow. im dumb. or smart? i dunno. what was i talking about?´╗┐