He is American Now | The Little Couple

Before The Little Couple can leave China they must fly south to Guangzhou, where the American Consulate will provide William with his U.S. Citizenship. | For…

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23 thoughts on “He is American Now | The Little Couple

  1. speaking of which, ever have German-Chinese food?

    an hour after you’re done, you’re hungry FOR POWER. :-O

  2. I am not sure if she wakes late. Since you brought it up, now I noticed that I have not seen her giving Will a good night kiss. Also, she desribed that the morning she came back to USA from China, Will had pope on his fingers, toes and other places. I am not sure why she needed to describe it on her blog.
    I love this kid. I feel so so sorry for him. It was hard enough to be born different yet he was abandoned. Long wonderful live lil Will.

  3. If there is a next live, you will be tall/handsome, very high educated, long live, smart and your parents will welcome you with open arms.

  4. He is a spy! and she, HE hate sthe kid, he wants to knock him out and uhmm..Shes so rich she wanted 5 kids!

  5. oh my god, so cute!
    I mean no offense by this at all, but does anyone know if he also has dwarfism?

  6. That kids LOVES to eat. Every episode shows him enthusiastically enjoying his food :)